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I've begun my clinical training as an intern in clinical psychology in Buenos Aires, in the psychiatric unit at the "Hospital de Agudos Dr. Teodoro Alvarez" (4 years) ending up as an instructor of interns (1 year). Latter on I joined a team of mental health professionals working for the private medical insurances. (+ 10 years) . I consider continuous training an essential part of my professional performance, being my practice oriented by evidence-based approaches, such as cognitive behavioral treatments (CBT), and neuropsychology applied to mental health problems. In our first meeting, a central place is given to defining problems, goals and approaches. Within CBT approaches both client and therapist have an active participation. I´m a native Spanish speaker. I speak English as a second language and french as a third language. Partiellement conventionné.

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Specialization and Experience

  • Clinical psychologist
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  • Master of Science in Psychology (NARIC)
  • Master in Neuropsychology (Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires)
  • Post graduate University course on Cognitive Psychopathology and Psychotherapy (Universidad Favaloro)
  • Master degree in Psychoanalysis (UNlaM)
  • Degree in Psychology (UB, 5 years degree)

Professional experience

  • Hospital de Agudos Teordoro Alvarez, Argentina.
  • OSDE/PROSAM. Crisis Team, Argentina.
  • Centro Liberman, Argentina.
  • PsyCol- Place Saint-Pierre 38, Etterbeek, Brussels.
  • Private practice, Waterloo.
  • Neuroeduca, Argentina.

Organisations member

  • Neuroeduca (Argentine)
  • Commission des Psychologues (Belgique) N° 632215402
  • Colegio de Psicólogos de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Argentine) N°93312

Participation in conferences

  • CBT for PTSD, SDD. 06-2020. Credential : ID 45193
  • Working with suicidal Behavior, SDD. 03-2019. Credential : ID38252
  • CBT for Panic Disorder, Charlie Waller Institute, School of Psychology and Clinical Language Science, University of Reading. 03-2019
  • Behavioral Experiments, SDS. 02-2019. Expiration : 2-2022
  • Case formulation, SDS 02-2019. Expiration : 2-2022.
  • Positive Psychology, Coursera. 04-2015. ID ELVACPV3Z2
  • Conference on Transdiagnostic Approaches to Mental Health. University of Cambridge. MRC. Cognition and Brain Science Unit, 2018.
  • Simposium : Treatment of fear, new insights for practice. UKLeuven, 2017.
  • Anna Freud Center Program at the Yale Child Study Center and the Western New England Psychoanalytic Institute, 2007.
  • University College of London. Research Training Program, 2006.

Spoken languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Academic Research and Publications

  • Neuropsychological assessment on the influence of musical stimuli on behavioral activation in motivational anhedonia (n/p)
  • Ruminative thinking and mood disorders: neuropsychological characterization and intervention strategies (n/p).
  • The incidence of worry and anxiety on text comprehension(n/p).


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