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I began my practice as intern in clinical psychology in Buenos Aires, at the psychiatric unit in the "Hospital de Agudos Dr. Teodoro Alvarez", that comprises a 4 years training plus a 5th year in the role of Instructor. As a clinical psychologist, I have also been part of interdisciplinary teams working for health insurance companies. I consider continuous training an essential part of my professional performance, being my practice oriented by evidence-based approaches, such as cognitive behavioral treatments (CBT), and neuropsychology applied to mental health problems. In our first meeting, a central place is given to build a collaborative case formulation, that means defining problems and strategies to effectively work through them. Within CBT approaches both client and therapist have an active participation. I´m a native Spanish speaker and I speak English as a second language. I speak French as a third language, improvement in progress. Note: In the context of covid-19 I only accept online consultations. All the protocols I use have been adapted accordingly. Please, feel free to get in touch for any further information. Partiellement conventionné.

Specialties - Bibiana Buchbinder

  • Anxiety/Depression/Burnout.
  • ADHD (adults).
  • Sleep Disorders.


Clinical psychologist

Additional expertises

Adults and young adults. Orientation, prevention and treatment. Depression and anhedonia (lack of pleasure and/or will for actions). Rumination, avoidance, procrastination, intrusive thoughts. Cognitive remediation (working memory, attention, executive functions)


  • PsyCol, Place Saint-Pierre 38, Etterbeek
  • Private Consultation, Chaussée de Tervuren, Waterloo

CV - Bibiana Buchbinder


  • Master of Science in Psychology (NARIC)
  • Master in Neuropsychology (Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires)
  • Post graduate University course on Cognitive Psychopathology and Psychotherapy (Universidad Favaloro)
  • Master degree in Psychoanalysis (UNlaM)
  • Degree in Psychology (UB, 5 years degree)


  • Hospital de Agudos Teordoro Alvarez, Argentina.
  • OSDE/PROSAM. Crisis Team, Argentina.
  • Centro Liberman, Argentina.
  • PsyCol- Place Saint-Pierre 38, Etterbeek, Brussels.
  • Private practice, Waterloo.
  • Neuroeduca, Argentina.

Participation in conferences

  • CBT for PTSD, SDD. 06-2020. Credential : ID 45193
  • Working with suicidal Behavior, SDD. 03-2019. Credential : ID38252
  • CBT for Panic Disorder, Charlie Waller Institute, School of Psychology and Clinical Language Science, University of Reading. 03-2019
  • Behavioral Experiments, SDS. 02-2019. Expiration : 2-2022
  • Case formulation, SDS 02-2019. Expiration : 2-2022.
  • Positive Psychology, Coursera. 04-2015. ID ELVACPV3Z2
  • Conference on Transdiagnostic Approaches to Mental Health. University of Cambridge. MRC. Cognition and Brain Science Unit, 2018.
  • Simposium : Treatment of fear, new insights for practice. UKLeuven, 2017.
  • Anna Freud Center Program at the Yale Child Study Center and the Western New England Psychoanalytic Institute, 2007.
  • University College of London. Research Training Program, 2006.

Organisations member

  • Neuroeduca (Argentine)
  • Commission des Psychologues (Belgique) N° 632215402
  • Colegio de Psicólogos de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Argentine) N°93312

Spoken languages

  • Français
  • English
  • Español

Academic Research and Publications

  • Neuropsychological assessment on the influence of musical stimuli on behavioral activation in motivational anhedonia (n/p)
  • Ruminative thinking and mood disorders: neuropsychological characterization and intervention strategies (n/p).
  • The incidence of worry and anxiety on text comprehension(n/p).
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