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Doctoranytime is great! It's easy to use, and I had all the necessary information in record time!


Surprised by the ease of finding a competent practitioners close to home! A friend advised me Doctoranytime, I must say he saw clear from the beginning!


Easy to use and very convenient, I was able to make an appointment with a doctor who speaks Spanish!

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"Very efficient in order to find and book an appointment with a healthcare practitioner". According to MediPedia: the information platform on pathologies to learn all about diseases, their symptoms and the latest treatments certified by the best experts.

I was looking up on Doctoranytime for dentists available this afternoon in Brussels and I've found more than 20 availabilities! It's amazing! Sylvie Degrelle (MINT radio)

Are you looking for a dermatologist or a gynecologist? The only way was to search on the internet and start to do many phone calls. This is over thanks to Doctoranytime!' Matthieu Van Steenkiste (DataNews - Le Vif)

Looking and finding a doctor on the internet allow patients to better control their health.' Leslie Rijmenams (Nostalgie)

"The easiest solution in order to find a practitioner when you're an expatriate". FemmExpat, the feminine network of expatriation


doctoranytime is a search engine that includes a large sample of health professionals in Belgium.

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