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What is doctoranytime?

We are driven by one goal: making the life of patient and doctor as simple as possible.

Launched in 2016, doctoranytime.be is a Brussels based start-up on its way to revolutionise healthcare in Belgium. Our innovative online platform allows patients to find doctors, dentists, (para)medical specialists nearby and book appointments in an instant.

The doctoranytime concept is a European example of start-up putting the patient at the heart of innovation.

What is doctoranytime
Why doctoranytime?

As patients, for years we faced the difficulties of booking an appointment quickly with a doctor. This is the primary reason we started this project: ambition to make people's lives easier!

On the same side, we realised doctors have been working the same ways for years, answering the phones all day long, missing appointments, spending tons of money on secretary options, so and so forth

Since July 2016, we have been able to convince thousands of doctors and patients to join us in this adventure. The feedbacks we receive day after day are awesome and we keep waking up everyday with the desire to make our healthcare system more efficient.

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Our culture: C.A.R.E

Each patient and practitioner is important at doctoranytime.be. We are honoured and thrilled by their complete trust in us and willingness do everything to keep it.


Because your health is our priority. Our team is giving everything they have (and sometimes even more) to provide the best healthcare experience for everybody.


Everyone at doctoranytime.be is a valuable addition to our young team. We love our fun and intimate working atmosphere in which each member can realise their full potential.


We never stop improving our services. As our customer deserves the best medical experience, we see it is as our duty to deliver innovative solutions.

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Send us a message in our contact page or, if you are asking about something specific, contact one of our team members below:

Justin Barthelemy
Country Manager
Corentin Botin
Head of Operations
Baptiste Lilles
Head of Marketing
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