Terms and conditions

  • www.doctoranytime.be is a website owned by DOCTOR ANYTIME BELGIUM, a private limited company having its registered office at Place Raymond Blyckaerts 13/1 - 1050 Bruxelles under business number 0643.899.757.
  • These general terms and conditions form a contract that binds the parties to it. Users are required to read these General Terms and Conditions closely. By ticking the “I accept the site’s general terms and conditions of use” when presented to them, users indicate that they have reviewed them in full and accept that they apply.
  • These general terms and conditions may be modified from time to time. The content of any such modification shall be drawn to users' attention by e-mail, in which case users shall be deemed to have accepted such modifications when logging in to the site following notification of such modifications.
  • Users shall ensure that any information provided in relation to their identity and personal data shall be genuine and accurate. Users are notified that the use of a false identity and the provision of false information may give rise to a civil claim or criminal prosecution.
  • Health care professional research service: As part of the democratisation of the health care access, and simultaneously to its paid services, DOCTOR ANYTIME also allows a referencing of other practitioners who did not subscribe to the booking appointment services. More specifically, DOCTOR ANYTIME provides to all users, freely and exclusively for the purpose of information, an information form dedicated to practitioners established in their region. The form summarise the surname, name, specialty, the practice’s phone number and the address. The user who wishes to get in contact with the practitioner in question can contact him directly, without any intervention of the platform. Then, the practitioner does not have any financial or contractual obligation linked with Doctoranytime. The website referencing is freely open to the whole health care professionals and professionals who work in the health sector. Therefore, the service does not allow the user to identify, in an exhaustive manner, all professionals who work in the health care sector.
  • The services provided by DOCTOR ANYTIME permit users to find a specialist doctor, to access the opening hours of registered doctors and to request an appointment at a doctor’s practice for medical purposes (the “Services.”). Users are hereby notified that DOCTOR ANYTIME is not in any way designed to respond to medical, dental, surgical or any other kinds of emergencies. In the event of an emergency, DOCTOR ANYTIME recommends that users should call the emergency services or dial 101.
  • Use of doctoranytime.be is strictly reserved for adults who have attained the age of majority. Minors may not submit a request to a doctor via doctoranytime.be, nor may they submit a request for a consultation via the account of an adult who possesses an account on doctoranytime.be

    Video Consultation

    • The service of the Video Consultation is provided by the third party Toxbox, a solution for video conferences reserved for professionals. The Video Consultation refers to a remote consultation between a doctoranytime user and a patient, carried out by a video support which is accessible via the platform
    • The patient agrees to provide, when creating his identifiants, only true personal information. Once the profile and personal identifiants have been created, is the patient held responsible and liable for these. He accepts not to share them with a third party. Doctoranytime can not be held responsible if the user forgets to log out at a place consulted by another person, loss or theft of this data.
    • Hardware
      To ensure an optimal usage of the Video Consultation service, every user must have at least the following elements : a computer, a microphone and a webcam. All these three are necessary for the realization of the Video Consultation.
    • The responsibilities of the user and his patients
      The patient agrees to :
      • Ensure the technical quality of the Video Consultation by taking care of the good functioning of the technical equipment (computer which allows the realization of the Video Consultation, sufficient internet connection).
      • Not to record the Video Consultation.
      • Make sure that the Video Consultation takes place at a place that is suited for a quality exchange of information in a confidential matter.
    • The patient acknowledges that the Video Consultations are subject to a fee and that he will beholden to the healthcare professional. It is the responsibility of the user and his patients to inform themselves and to be informed of the fees related to the Video Consultation.
    • Doctoranytime can not in any case held responsible for a dispute between the user and the patient. The patient agrees to, by making an online appointment, be present at the appointment or cancel if necessary. Failure to show up at the appointment will be considered as an effectively performed consultation by the practitioner. The user acknowledges that the role of doctoranytime is limited to the role of a simple intermediary and a technical service provider.Doctoranytime can not in any case, held responsible for a delay in the execution of the services or an interruption due to factors outside its scope of action (networkconnection, user equipment, non-functioning of the Video Consultation).
    • Whenever a patient makes an appointment by a new practitioner, he confirms to have verified that his usual practitioner doesn’t propose the Video Consultation
    • Both parties agree to respect the confidentiality of the confidential information exchanged.


    • The prepayment refers to a bank imprint of the patient for the benefit of the practitioner. The prepayment to doctoranytime is executed by Stripe, a secured online payment solution reserved for professionals. The prepayment will be done by the patient before the confirmation of the appointment made online. It takes place as a loan for the maximum amount of the consultation, the patient will only be debited after the consultation has taken place. At the end of the consultation, the practitioner will confirm the exact/effective amount of the consultation, which will be credited to the patient. De practitioner can charge the maximum amount, reduce it or charge nothing; the decision is up to him.
    • To assure the use and proper functioning of the prepayment, the patient user undertakes to fill in his bank details accurately, which should be up-to-date.The patient agrees that doctoranytime carries out a bank loan for the maximum amount of the consultation. No sum will be reimbursed before the end of the consultation. The payment of the amount of the consultation will be defined by the practitioner at the end of the consultation. The patient user undertakes to pay a transaction fee of 90 cents to doctoranytime in addition to the actual amount of the consultation.In case of a dispute with the practitioner, the patient can benefit from a reimbursement of the amount debited on the sole condition that the patient proves the existence of a fault on the part of the practitioner which lies within his responsibility.
    • The grounds for a reimbursement are:
      • Absence of the practitioner at the consultation
      • Every technical problem which prevents the execution of the Video Consultation under the condition that this problem is caused by doctoranytime or the practitioner.
    • Both parties agree to respect the confidentiality of the confidential information exchanged


    • The user can submit their evaluation regarding their experience of the appointment through the evaluation form. The evaluations are visible on the practitioner’s profile after the approval process, according to Reviews Policy. The user should be honest, clear and is responsible for their own evaluation. Doctoranytime and/or practitioners have the right to remove users’ comments for any reason. The user should take into consideration that users’ comments are just their personal opinions and should be treated as such. Reviews are informative for the users of doctoranytime. At the moment that the user submits their evaluation, it takes some days in order for the evaluation to be approved and to be visible on the profile of the practitioner. The comment should also be written according to the terms of use. Furthermore, if the comment is insulting, or vulgar, presents a distorted reality, or the user is not aware of the situation in the medical sector and therefore the comments hurt the practitioner’s credibility, the comment won’t be published. With the submission of the evaluation the practitioner is informed through an email. When the evaluation is approved, the user is informed through an automated email from Doctoranytime.
    • The user has the right to submit his evaluation in the timeframe of 30 days after his appointment. The cases that Doctoranytime does not approve an evaluation are: comments that have to do with treatment - diagnosis, pharmaceutical therapy, price specifics, offensive comments, non occured appointment. The comments that are addressed to Doctoranytime and the use of the platform won’t be published on a practitioner’s profile.
    • Practitioners have the option to not accept any public comments. If your practitioner has made this choice, your evaluation will not be shown on the practitioner's profile, but your practitioner will still be able to receive it.

    Doctoranytime has the right to modify the current terms and conditions to take the changes in legislation and regulations into account. For all users applies the most recent version of terms of use.

  • Personal data is processed strictly in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and is set out in the data privacy policy published on the doctoranytime.be website.
  • doctoranytime.be provides users, to the extent reasonably possible, with a high-quality service. DOCTOR ANYTIME shall not, in any event, be liable for any IT outages, nor for any cancellation of any appointment by doctors appearing on the website, nor for the rates charged by such doctors. Doctors who are registered with DOCTOR ANYTIME assume the sole and entire responsibility for management of their diaries and, more generally, for the use of the tools offered by DOCTOR ANYTIME.
  • Users are notified that computer systems, including systems for transmitting communications, the computer systems used to host the internet portal or the computers of individual doctors, may be susceptible to defects and/or outages. DOCTOR ANYTIME shall use reasonable endeavours to resolve IT outages to its systems as quickly as possible, but DOCTOR ANYTIME shall not, in any event, be held liable for any outage affecting the Services or for any defect or failure of any nature whatsoever. Users hereby agree to waive any claim against doctoranytime.be due to any technical failure that may occur during the use of the Services as offered. Moreover, Users shall not be entitled to refuse payment or claim any compensation due to any systems failure or failure of any computer equipment.
  • These terms and conditions of use are governed by Belgian law. Agreements to which these general terms and conditions apply shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the court circuit of Brussels or of the user, at the election of DOCTOR ANYTIME.
  • In the event that any clause of these general terms and conditions is or is found to be void for any reason whatsoever, the other clauses of these general terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.
  • In the event of any questions, DOCTOR ANYTIME may be contacted by e-mail at the following e-mail address: [email protected]