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TERMS OF USE of doctoranytime.be

Last updated: July 2023


DOCTOR ANYTIME BVBA manages the website www.doctoranytime.be and the online services provided through it (hereby “doctoranytime”), as well as any data or element (e.g. pictures, texts, graphs) included in it (hereby the “material”), for the purpose of providing doctoranytime users the ability to create an account and make medical appointments online (or via telephone) by selecting a practitioner or Health & Diagnosis Center from the network of health professionals with a profile on our website, as well as be informed on medical matters that interest them. The use of doctoranytime is governed by these Terms of Use, as applicable at any moment, which also serve as the agreement between doctoranytime and each person using the aforementioned online services (hereby the “user” or users”).

Accessing and using these Services in any way implies the unreserved acceptance of the Terms of Use by the user, as applicable at any moment.

2. ONLINE SERVICES of doctoranytime

Doctoranytime is an innovative website through which health professionals (practitioners and Health & Diagnosis Centers) can showcase their professionals profiles and medical services they offer, as well as their availability to make medical appointments, and visitors/users can respectively see those profiles (curricula vitae, provided services, availability) and, once they have created their own account, check the cost of each medical service by the practitioner or Health & Diagnosis Center of their interest and make the medical appointment they want with one click. Doctoranytime users can also cancel their appointments through their accounts, in accordance with the doctoranytime Appointment Cancellation Policy, see all the doctoranytime services they have used, review the health professional who attended them with a score and comments, receive newsletters on medical matters that interest them, and submit questions to be answered by specialized medical personnel through a message exchange service.

Health professionals and Health & Diagnosis Centers that wish to create an online profile on the doctoranytime website, in accordance with the above mentioned, are called to fill in the corresponding online registration form with their data (“REGISTRATION FOR practitioners” and “REGISTRATION FOR CENTERS” respectively) and submit it to doctoranytime, accepting the website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Protection Policy. Doctoranytime confirms the accuracy of the submitted data by communicating with the interested party, and then the health professional / Health & Diagnosis Center is included to the network of doctoranytime partners and has their own profile there, where their curriculum vitae, specialty, services they provide, the cost of said services, and reviews through doctoranytime by patients who have visited them are visible to users, in accordance with the doctoranytime Review Management Policy.

Accordingly, users who wish to create an online account on doctoranytime in order to make medical appointments through it are called to fill in the corresponding online registration form with their data (“REGISTRATION FOR PATIENTS”), accepting the website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Protection Policy as well, and stating whether they wish to receive newsletters from doctoranytime or not. Users who book appointments via the doctoranytime website receive a unique code on their mobile phone in order to confirm their identity. Users are also able to cancel their appointments, in accordance with the process described in the doctoranytime Appointment Cancellation Policy.

Visitors/Users can contact doctoranytime through the website regarding any matter, by filling in the corresponding contact form or using the live chat service to communicate with the customer service department, accepting the website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Protection Policy.

A patient can also request an appointment using the phone service or live chat service of doctoranytime. Both these services follow the same procedure as the online service. When requesting an appointment, patients have to submit their data, which are then sent to the corresponding doctor, in order to allow both for the communication between the two parties and for the completion of the process. practitioners are responsible for accepting the appointments, and if a practitioner does not accept an appointment request within 2 hours, then that request may be canceled so that the patient can be attended by a different doctor. Doctoranytime does also not determine and is not responsible for the tactics and methods practitioners use, and it cannot force a practitioner to see a patient. Moreover, doctoranytime does not set the costs of the medical visits, nor does it have any responsibility regarding if the practitioner has the right to exercise. It is at the doctor’s discretion to ask to examine a patient and the patient may consider it and decide accordingly.

Furthermore, users can submit health-related questions through the Q&A section, found in specific pages, some of which contain scientific articles. These questions are reviewed by the doctoranytime team, and then sent to the appropriate healthcare professional for a response. Once answered, the user is notified by email. The questions and their respective answers are published in the Q&A section, but also on other relevant pages, in order to inform other doctoranytime users about the same topic. The user remains anonymous, both during submission and publication of their question, while the identity of the healthcare professionals who answer is visible, and they bear sole responsibility of its content and accuracy.

These answers are exclusively informative and advisory in nature, and they could never substitute a clinical examination, a diagnosis or a treatment.

If the questions contain offensive or abusive content, they are not sent to healthcare professionals, nor published in the Q&A section and other relevant pages. Questions that refer to healthcare professionals by name will not be accepted and, therefore, not sent to healthcare professionals. Furthermore, in case the questions contain personal data and do not ensure anonymity, the doctoranytime team will remove those excerpts before the question is sent to healthcare professionals.

The doctoranytime team only answers questions related to the Q&A service and its usage, and not to health related questions. From the moment a user submits their question, it will take a few days before doctoranytime moderates the question, sends it to healthcare professionals and publishes it in the Q&A section.

Doctoranytime cannot be held responsible for healthcare professionals answering in a timely manner, as it is at their discretion whether and when to answer questions they receive. Doctoranytime reserves the right to not moderate questions that do not comply with the above terms and the user will be notified by email if their question is rejected.


practitioners / Health professionals with an active profile on doctoranytime can give patients the option of video consultation, if they so choose. Video conferencing with a practitioner / health professional is no substitute for visiting a practice in person, but it does allow for the practitioner / health professional to subscribe medications and offer guidance as they see fit. If the practitioner / health professional deems it necessary to examine the patient in person, they have to direct them to a physical appointment.

In order for a video consultation to take place, both the practitioner / health professional and the patient must have the necessary technical equipment (computer, microphone, web camera). Doctoranytime can support the video conference service technically, but it bears no responsibility to problems that may arise due to the doctor’s / health professional’s and/or patient’s equipment (for instance, breaks and delays due to a poor internet connection, inadequate or incompatible equipment, etc.).

The process for requesting a video consultation appointment is the same as the one for requesting an appointment online. The Appointment Cancellation Policy also applies to the video consultation appointments.

During the video consultation appointment request process, patients might be called to submit their credit/debit card details, accepting the charge set by the practitioner / health professional in question for this service. The credit card details are automatically saved, the sum is withheld when the request process is completed, and the patient’s credit/debit card will be charged with it once the video conference is over, at the doctor’s / health professional’s instruction. In case the user wishes to have them deleted after the completion of the transaction, we recommend contacting us at [email protected].

If the video consultation cannot take place due to a technical issue, the patient must contact both the practitioner / health professional and the doctoranytime customer service, the latter at [email protected], so that the technical issue may be resolved. If the problem persists, then the patient will not be charged for the service.

In case an appointment is canceled up to 24 hours before the scheduled time, the patient will not be charged. If an appointment is canceled less than 24 hours before its scheduled time, or if the patient does not show up for the appointment, then the practitioner / health professional is free to charge the patient the cost of the selected service. It is at the doctor’s / health professional’s discretion to disregard this term and choose not to charge a patient who did not cancel their appointment in time or who did not show up for the appointment.

Doctoranytime does not administrate and is not involved in any stage of the financial transaction between practitioner / health professional and patient. Any disagreement or dispute regarding a financial transaction is strictly between the practitioner / health professional and the patient and must be resolved without the intervention of doctoranytime.

As is the case with online appointments, patients may post a review on the doctor’s / health professional’s profile, in accordance with the Review Management Policy.

practitioners / health professionals ought to ensure that the video consultation takes place in the appropriate space so as to not risk the privacy and confidentiality of the interaction. It is prohibited to record the video consultation.

4. Doctoranytime CHAT

Additionally, doctoranytime offers the doctoranytime chat service, through which patients can contact available practitioners and get reliable answers to basic medical questions immediately, without needing to make an appointment with a doctor. This service is no substitute for seeing a practitioner in person and can only be used for medical advise, with no option for getting a prescription or a medical certificate. practitioners bear the sole responsibility for the answers they give to the questions received via chat. The patient is prompted to enter their card details and therefore acknowledge the charge for the chat service. The card details are automatically saved and in case the user wishes to have them deleted after the completion of the transaction, we recommend contacting us at [email protected].

5. SPECIFIC CONDITIONS OF USE of doctoranytime

1. The data submitted by the users of the online services must be correct and accurate. Any information provided by visitors/users in order to have a demand met is considered confidential and transferred only to the directly concerned party, and with the competent authority(ies) according to the law in case the use made by the visitor/user goes against the terms of use of doctoranytime and existing Belgian legislation in general. The latter, in particular, may be deemed appropriate in case the use of the doctoranytime website by a visitor/user violates it rules of operation. In such a case, all the data concerning said visitor/user, as well as their IP address, may form part of an investigation, insofar as such is required to protect the rights of doctoranytime. Data sent to the doctoranytime website must not be contrary to Belgian Law and principles of morality regarding internet use in general, and they must not be altered by the visitor/user who publishes them or by others with the visitor’s/user’s knowledge. These data can be used by doctoranytime with no claims against doctoranytime by the visitor/user who provided them. Each visitor/user is responsible for their use of doctoranytime, and they may use its services only for lawful and legitimate purposes. The visitor/user is not permitted to use doctoranytime in such a way that could destroy, deactivate, or damage our servers or networks, or in such a way that interferes with the use and utilization of the doctoranytime services by any other member/visitor/user. Visitors/Users are prohibited from unlawfully abusing our services by scheduling appointments that they do not intent to keep. Visitors/Users are also prohibited from creating fake accounts with fraudulent intent and from collecting or storing the data of other users in any way. Doctoranytime reserves the right to pursue its claims for any damage caused by the violation of the aforementioned prohibitions by visitors/users and to take any relevant legal action, procedure, and lawful judicial and extrajudicial corrective measures in order to prevent the violation of these terms of use. Although our services are available to the public free of charge, any costs for medical services provided to the users by the practitioners cooperating with doctoranytime are borne exclusively by the users/patients, and they bear the sole responsibility for them to the cooperating practitioners.

2. The information and presentations included in the medical site / portal doctoranytime express the personal views of their authors, are strictly of an informational and advisory nature, and cannot in any way substitute diagnosis, treatment, medical examination, and counseling by a specialized professional doctor. Visitors/Users must not depend on the information included in doctoranytime as a substitute of medical advice and treatment, and this information cannot in any way substitute professional medical counseling, examination, diagnosis, and treatment. Users should not neglect, avoid, or delay getting medical advice by a competent professional practitioner due to having read some information on doctoranytime. Do not use doctoranytime in case of a medical emergency. If you are having a medical emergency, please call 112 and/or consult with your personal practitioner immediately. You are solely responsible for the way you use the information provided by doctoranytime. No statement or posting on doctoranytime should be considered as the practicing of medicine or the provision of healthcare. If a visitor/user depends on any of the information provided by doctoranytime, they bear the sole responsibility for it. Doctoranytime does not check and cannot guarantee the availability of any practitioner at any given moment. Doctoranytime bears no responsibility for any cancellation or missed appointment by a doctor, nor for any damage suffered by the user/patient due to said cancellation or missed appointment.

3. Visitors/Users are considered solely responsible for accessing their personal accounts on doctoranytime, as well as for keeping their access codes secure from unauthorized persons. Visitors/Users are also solely responsible for reviewing, using, managing, and accessing their activation codes, as well as access codes.

4. Visitors/Users have the option to submit comments regarding their experiences with the practitioners and Health & Diagnosis Centers included in our website, either electronically or by phone. These comments will be visible at the practitioners’ and Health & Diagnosis Centers’ profiles on doctoranytime, as well as on their personal websites, provided that they have passed the approval process by the doctoranytime team in accordance with the Review Policy of doctoranytime. Such comments ought to be submitted responsibly and be clear and honest. Visitors/Users bear the sole responsibility for using inappropriate words and/or expressions, as well as undue personal criticisms and/or unfair/offensive comments. Doctoranytime reserves the right to remove visitors’/users’ comments for any reason, however without bearing any responsibility for omitting or delaying removing them. You should keep in mind that users’ comments reflect simply their opinions and you should not depend on them. The purpose of reviews is to inform the users of doctoranytime. From the moment a user/patient submits their comment, it takes a few days for it to be approved by doctoranytime and be visible on the relevant doctor’s or Health & Diagnosis Center’s profile, provided that said comment complies with the terms of use. In case doctoranytime requires further clarification by the user/patient regarding their comment, it will contact them in writing via e-mail. Patients themselves, and in case the patient is a minor, elderly, or otherwise requires an escort, their escorts as well (provided that they were present at the examination) have the right to review. If a review is contrary to principles of morality, is offensive, or paints a distorted picture of reality, therefore unfairly damaging the credibility of the practitioner / Health & Diagnosis Center in question, then it will not be published on the doctor’s / Health & Diagnosis Center’s profile. Comments indicating that the patient is unaware of the procedures followed in the medical field will also not be published. The procedure for online prescriptions can be used as an example, which must be preceded by an examination of the patient and confirmation of their identity, as practitioners bear the sole responsibility for the correct and lawful prescription of medications and tests. In order to investigate an incident, as well as keep practitioners / Health & Diagnosis Centers informed, doctoranytime reserves the right to forward reviews to the interested parties.

After 30 days have passed from the date of the appointment, the visitor/user can no longer post a review regarding the practitioner / Health & Diagnosis Center. The 60-day limit can be exceeded if it is a case of the visitor/user having been given the opportunity to revise their original review so that it complies with the terms of use and can be published. The 60-day limit does not apply in case the visitor/user is not a confirmed user of doctoranytime but have given their consent to the practitioner visible in the service. It is at the discretion of doctoranytime to not upload a review when it includes comments on the medical diagnosis / pharmaceutical treatment, derogatory/offensive comments, comments on the cancellation of an appointment when the patient had been informed of such cancellation before they arrived at the practice, and comments on the receipt of rendered services based on Market Decree No. 4/28.11.2012. Finally, reviews regarding doctoranytime and the use of its services are not visible at the profiles of practitioners / Health & Diagnosis Centers.

5. The content of doctoranytime, including but not limited to texts, images, and information posted by its writers/editors, as well as any other material included in the website, is used for the sole purpose of informing its visitors/users. The material and information provided by the website is not exhaustive, and it cannot possibly reflect and include the most recent research in all fields of medical science. Some of the information contained in our website is provided by third parties. Doctoranytime is in no position to verify this information and cannot guarantee its accuracy.

6. Doctoranytime reserves the right to take any of the following actions, including but not limited to them: (a) record and store all communications between the visitors/users and the website, including e-mails and questions-answers between the visitors/users and the practitioners cooperating with doctoranytime or other parties; (b) investigate any claim concerning communications that do not comply with its terms and conditions of use, and withdraw such communications or demand that they be withdrawn at its discretion; (c) withdraw communications and data/information sent by visitors/users which are deemed offensive, illegal, or disturbing, or which do not comply with the terms and conditions of use of doctoranytime; (d) delete registered members when they do not comply with the terms and conditions of use of doctoranytime, after they have been warned on the matter.

7. No information received by visitors/users from doctoranytime and its services constitutes a guarantee or obligation on behalf of doctoranytime, insofar as such is not stipulated in these terms of use.

8. The doctoranytime website may include medical subjects or health subjects. If a visitor/user finds such subjects offensive, they should avoid using our website. After this notice, no content with the aforementioned subjects can be considered offensive to visitors/users.

9. Doctoranytime reserves the right to showcase data concerning each registered user/practitioner which have to do with their online image at third party websites. This right derives from the partnerships concluded between doctoranytime and other services.

10. Doctoranytime may link to third party websites. It may also select and prioritize specific websites according to the search terms entered by the visitor/user and allow those advertising on doctoranytime to respond to certain search terms with advertisements or sponsor content, in accordance with its Advertising Management Policy. In no case does doctoranytime recommend or co-sign the contents of third party websites nor control the availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality, and comprehensiveness of the services provided by other websites and pages to which it links visitors/users via links, hyperlinks, or advertising banners. Should any problem arise when visiting/using these websites and pages, users ought to contact them directly, as they bear the full responsibility for the provision of their services. In no case should doctoranytime be considered to adopt or accept the content or services of the websites and pages to which it links, to be associated with said websites and pages in any other way, nor to vouch for them. Doctoranytime bears no responsibility for any type of communication between visitors/users and third party service providers that advertise on doctoranytime, nor for any transaction that may result from the relationship between them. Doctoranytime bears no responsibility for the contents of third party websites, websites within the context of doctoranytime, websites that may appear on the doctoranytime website or that are the result of a search, nor third party advertisements, and it does not represent their contents or validity. Visitors/Users are responsible for their use of third party websites, and this use is governed by the terms of use of said websites. Ostensibly, doctoranytime bears no responsibility in cases where third party websites:

  • violate other parties’ rights,
  • lack security or are inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading,
  • contain viruses or other damaging programs.

Doctoranytime does not espouse the content, products, or services offered in those websites and is not associated with the administrators of those websites. Whenever our website links to other websites via links or hyperlinks, the owners and/or administrators of those websites bear the full (civil and criminal) responsibility for the security, legality, and validity of the content of those websites, with doctoranytime bearing no responsibility whatsoever – for instance, responsibility for the violation of intellectual and industrial property rights. If visitors/users connect to such linked websites, then they are the sole bearers of the risk of connecting to and accessing those websites, without the involvement of doctoranytime.

11. If doctoranytime is notified of errors by visitors/users, it assumes the responsibility to immediately make every effort to correct those errors. Nevertheless, visitors/users use any data and material contained in this website and available to them, which are provided with absolutely no guarantee of their correctness and accuracy, at their own responsibility, with doctoranytime bearing no responsibility (direct or indirect) for any damage (direct or consequential) that may be suffered by anyone from using our website or data contained in it. Doctoranytime may make changes and improvements at any moment, without notifying the users, if it deems that these changes and improvements will make the operation of the website easier.

12. Besides the explicitly mentioned exceptions (such as the intellectual property rights of third parties, partners, and organizations), the full content of doctoranytime, including images, graphs, pictures, designs, texts, provided services, and all the records of this website in general, constitutes the intellectual property, registered trademarks, and service marks of doctoranytime, which are protected by the relevant provisions of Belgian Law, European Law, and international conventions and treaties. Consequently, none of the aforementioned may be, in full or in part, sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished, processed, uploaded, transmitted, or distributed in any way to others. An exemption to the above is the isolated storing of a single copy of part of the content on a simple personal computer for exclusively personal and not public or commercial use, without the erasure of its indication of origin from doctoranytime, and without prejudice to the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights. All other products or services mentioned in the web pages of doctoranytime and bearing the marks of their corresponding practitioners, organizations, companies, cooperating institutions, associations, or publications are their intellectual and industrial property, therefore they bear the responsibility respectively. Visitors/Users understand and accept that they do not have the right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, process, and/or exploit commercially in any way the contents of the doctoranytime website, in full or in part.

13. Visitors/Users accept that their personal data, as they state them when submitting a question and their personal history, will be kept and processed by the site administrator, who has the right to share them with third parties (practitioners) for the sole purpose of the appropriate and good operation / provision of services of doctoranytime and sending the corresponding answers. Furthermore, the administrator of doctoranytime shall keep a record with the personal data of users / those who send medical questions, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 679/2016/EU as it applies, under the obligation to comply with the provisions of Law 2225/1994 and Presidential Decree 47/2005 on lifting confidentiality for every judicial authority, for reasons of national security, to verify particularly serious offenses, and for every reason stipulated by law, provided that the procedures stipulated by law are followed.

14. Visitors/Users explicitly accept that the Courts of Brussels have the exclusive jurisdiction and competence regarding any dispute that may arise with doctoranytime and that Belgian Law is the applicable law even when doctoranytime is accessed from a country other than Belgium. If any of the above terms is deemed invalid by court decision, the validity and force of the rest of the terms is not affected, so they remain in full force and validity.

15. The information contained in the website and provided by practitioners is accurate, objective, and aims to inform the public, and it complies with article 18 of the Medical Code of Ethics, as their sole purpose is to facilitate the patients in making appointments.

As regards the information in the fields “Cost of Visit / Cost of Services”, in particular, which is visible to registered users/patients, it is divulged to them upon their relevant request and once they log in to their accounts. practitioners provide doctoranytime with information on the costs of visits and services they offer, and these costs are immediately shared with or sent to the patients with the practitioners’ agreement.

Data interception, as well as data republication without the agreement of practitioners or doctoranytime, constitutes an illegal act for which the sole responsibility is borne by the interceptor, who shall face the sanctions provided by the law.

Doctoranytime simply provides hosting services for the personal websites of practitioners in order to facilitate contacts between practitioners and patients. Doctoranytime bears no responsibility for the level of the charges or for the services provided by the practitioners and the corresponding pricing, nor does it advertise in any way; it simply aims to improve health services by providing further options to patients in a fully indicative manner through the fullest and most adequate information. A practitioner may continue appearing in search engines even after their partnership with doctoranytime has concluded, showing their basic data such as name, address of practice, and contact number.

16. Use of the doctoranytime website and all of its services and content are subject to the above terms of use. If any visitor/user find these terms unacceptable, they are kindly requested to refrain from using the doctoranytime website. The use of the doctoranytime by the user constitutes full acceptance of, consent with, approval of, and agreement with all these Terms of Use and the Terms of the Privacy Protection Policy by the visitor/user.


Doctoranytime reserves the right to amend its Terms of Use and every other rule governing the use of the website at its discretion, making every amendment known by posting a relevant notice on its website every time. The Terms of Use shall include the last date in which they were updated.

The continued use of doctoranytime by the user after such a notice constitutes an acceptance of these amendments.

Use of the website is subject to the Terms of Use as they apply at the moment of this use. Users should check the Terms of Use periodically so that they remain informed of their content, and they are solely responsible for remaining informed.


In case the use of any service provided by the website is regulated by specific terms of use and/or Policies, then those terms shall be considered as one with these Terms of Use. In case of conflict, the specific terms of use of each service prevail.


By accepting the Terms of Use, users state that they are adults over the age of 18 or, if they are under the age of 18, that they have gotten the required consent by their legal guardian(s) and will provide the information of the latter if asked. The legal guardians of minors ought to protect them from accessing material directed at adults and bear the sole responsibility where this is not the case. The use of the online services of doctoranytime is strictly permitted for adults over the age of eighteen (18).

Doctoranytime shall take all technically feasible measures to establish whether its online services are being used by minors under the age of eighteen (18). In any case, you are kindly requested to contact us at [email protected] if you discover that minors have used our website, in violation of the Terms of Use.

Doctoranytime cannot guarantee that other users will not post material on our website that may be deemed inappropriate by the parents or legal guardians of minors. Doctoranytime bears no responsibility for any access via the internet to information, goods, and services that are contrary to the law or the principles of morality, or that are inappropriate for certain categories of people, particularly minors.

If a user deems that the material or part of it infringes on their rights or the rights of others, they can send an e-mail at [email protected], in which they specify the material or part of it they deem offensive and the justifications supporting their claim.

9. Doctoranytime CONTENT LIABILITY

The website is used “as is”, subject to modifications by doctoranytime. Users cannot make modifications or otherwise interfere with the website.

Doctoranytime tries to ensure in any way the secure use of the website, and to provide accurate, complete, valid, reliable, and timely information through it. In any case, users acknowledge and accept that, due to the nature and advancement of the products and services of doctoranytime, as well as the nature and technical requirements of the internet, doctoranytime may not be in full control of its full content and of the security of its pages and services at all moments.

Users are responsible for their use of the website. Doctoranytime, its employees and executives, its representatives, or any third party involved in creating, producing, or publishing material, bear no responsibility for any direct, indirect, moral, incidental, or other type of damage resulting from or connected with the use of the website, insofar as exemption from liability is permitted by the Law, including, but not limited to, inadvertently getting a computer virus from the website or the electronic messages sent by it.


Property Rights

The website, including its software, is the intellectual and/or industrial property of doctoranytime, and it is protected by the relevant provisions of Belgian, Community, and International Law on the protection of intellectual and industrial property. Furthermore, the composition of the content and arrangement of the components contained in the website at any moment are the exclusive property of doctoranytime, and they are protected by the relevant provisions of Belgian, Community, and International Law. No user is awarded any property right on the website and material through this but the authorizations of use explicitly stipulated in these Terms of Use.

Doctoranytime explicitly reserves all rights of intellectual property on each and all components of the website, as well as on its own material (not material advertised on the website), through this document, such as intellectual property rights, industrial property rights on trademarks or service marks, brand names, distinctive features, etc.

Authorization – Restrictions of Use

On the condition that users comply with these Terms of Use and the website’s Privacy Protection Policy, doctoranytime grants them for free a limited, nontransferable, non-divested authorization to access, download, and view on their device screens its services and material, and to use it in general for the purposes designated in these Terms of Use. Accordingly, users acknowledge and accept that the website and its material is intended exclusively for personal and not for commercial use. Users have the right to download and/or copy and/or store an isolated part of the service material strictly for their personal use and not for any commercial purpose, without erasing its indication of origin and under the condition that they protect any and all property rights of doctoranytime from any type of infringement. For any other purpose, the aforementioned actions shall only be permitted if doctoranytime has given its written consent. Access to the website or any of the aforementioned actions do not in any case result in the creation of a right, title, or legitimate interest on any part or the entirety of the website downloaded and/or copied and/or stored.

Except for the above mentioned permitted use, the website and its material may not in any way be reproduced, copied, leased, sold, sublicenced, divested, transferred, exported, transmitted, broadcast, or distributed, in full or in part, by any user, nor may it constitute the object of a loan or commodate. In no case may the website be used for commercial purposes. Any modification, adaptation, adjustment, translation, or other change to the service and material is explicitly prohibited, as is the creation of derivative works or improvements. Likewise, dismantling, reconstructing, or otherwise obtaining the website’s source code is prohibited, as is reverse engineering (but insofar as permitted by law). The creation and/or publication of a database containing significant parts of the service is also not permitted without the prior written consent of doctoranytime.

Based on the above, users pledge to not create works derivative of and based on the contents of the website, and to not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, modify, transmit, sell, or exploit in any way the website, its material, or related software, in full or in part. They further pledge to not enter the website in an index, to not frame it with another website, to not introduce it as a direct link to its internal data from another website, to not copy its location to another server by creating a mirror, and to not warrant a right to a third party by the website without the prior written consent of doctoranytime.

Moreover, any action to circumvent or violate the security regulations or content use regulations stipulated, implemented, or enforced by any functionality (including, among others, the digital rights management functionality) contained in the website is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the website so as to access, copy, transfer, encode, or broadcast content in violation of any law or rights of doctoranytime or third party, as well as to remove, conceal, or counterfeit copyright statements, trademarks, or other statements of exclusive rights of doctoranytime or third parties that are attached to or included in or accessed through or in combination with the service.

It is prohibited to use the website in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose, or in violation of applicable laws or regulations of Belgian legislation on intellectual property and pertinent provisions of Belgian and International Law.

By using the website, users accept without prejudice, agree, and mutually conclude to use it legitimately and properly, particularly in accordance with the terms set forth in this document.

Use of the website that violated the Terms of Use is strictly prohibited and will automatically effectuate the termination of the above authorization. Authorization granted to users may be freely revoked by doctoranytime, without previous notification of the decision required.

It is a fundamental principle of doctoranytime’s policy to respect and protect the intellectual property rights of third parties. If a user deems that their intellectual property rights are being violated through the website, they may notify doctoranytime by sending an e-mail at [email protected], in which they specify the part of the service which they view as violating their rights, as well as the reasons why it qualifies as a violation.


For the protection of privacy and personal data management, please read the website’s Privacy Protection Policy, which forms an integral part of these Terms of Use.


Users agree to not create or provide ways in which it will be able to participate in the service from other websites or in a manner unauthorized by doctoranytime.

Users pledge and agree to not use electromechanical computer equipment or software or any other method unauthorized by doctoranytime which could affect the website.


Availability and Proper Operation

Doctoranytime makes every reasonable effort towards the maintenance and availability of the website. However, users acknowledge that the availability of the website may be affected by the users’ equipment, by other communication networks, by the provision of internet connection services, by the number of people trying to use the website simultaneously, or by other causes, which is why users agree that doctoranytime bears no responsibility for any interruption to or improper operation of the website.

The website and doctoranytime have no connection to the provision of internet connection services, and users and/or the website host are solely responsible for paying all their dues to the competent providers of these services and ensuring their access to the internet.

Users agree and accept that doctoranytime may modify and/or temporarily or permanently interrupt the operation of the entire or part of the website, by or without notifying the users. For this reason, doctoranytime bears no responsibility for any damage due to the interrupted operation or improper operation of the website or to users’ inability to access it, to terminating the entire or parts of the website, to delays, lack of delivery, interruption, or poor reception quality of its services, to loss of its content, or to the existence of any type of error. Doctoranytime does not guarantee that the website will be compatible with every user’s device, material, and software.


Doctoranytime or the providers/licensors of the website have the intellectual property rights or other rights on the software available for the use of the website. In order to access information on the website, users and/or hosts may have to sign a license with third party software providers. Users’ and/or hosts’ ability to access said information may depend on whether they have signed such licenses. Use of this software is governed by the terms of each licensing agreement contained in the software. Doctoranytime assumes no responsibility for settling such licenses. It is recommended to refrain from installing or using a software if the user and/or host has not received the corresponding license of use. If a user and/or host proceed to such actions despite the lack of a license, however, they alone bear the risk.


In any case, doctoranytime reserves the right to temporarily or permanently interrupt the operation of the entirety or part of the website at any moment in order to maintain or upgrade it, or for any other reason, without any further responsibility.


Although doctoranytime makes every possible effort to protect the website from digital viruses and/or other types of harmful or damaging files (or programs) designed to interfere with, damage, or limit the operation of any software or telecommunications equipment, it cannot guarantee that the website will never be attacked by such elements. Therefore, the integrity and preservation of each user’s software systems and equipment rest with their own diligence, and doctoranytime bears no responsibility in case users’ electronic equipment (software and hardware) is attacked by viruses and other harmful files, as listed above.


In addition to what is detailed in the Specific Conditions of Use of doctoranytime, users accept and agree that they will make legitimate use of the website. Users pledge the following :

  • They shall not act in such a way that prevents and/or renders impossible the proper and/or lawful use of the website and other websites associated with it by other users.
  • They shall not act in such a way that violates the intellectual or industrial property rights of doctoranytime or third parties.
  • They shall not act in such a way that misleads any third party as to the origin of the content of the website and/or damages the reputation of doctoranytime in any way.
  • They shall not install, forward, and/or transmit in any way digital viruses and/or other types of harmful or damaging files and/or programs designed to damage or restrict the operation of any software or telecommunications equipment through the website, or prevent other users from using the website.
  • They shall not install or promote in any way unsolicited or not explicitly approved by doctoranytime advertising messages in any form and/or unrequested electronic messages (spam), and they shall refrain from prom promoting in any way undesirable information in general.
  • They shall not upload or transmit in any way material and information which they do not have the right to disclose pursuant to legal provisions or private agreements (e.g. confidential data).
  • They shall not act in such a way that violates any rights or attacks the character of third parties, particularly in such a way that harms a minor.
  • They shall not interfere with or risk the security of the website or otherwise cause harm to the website, the material included in it, the source codes of the software comprising it, the server hosting it, and/or networks connected with or accessible through the website or other websites connected with it.
  • They shall not act towards a purpose prohibited by these Terms of Use.
  • They shall not proceed to actions that may constitute or encourage behaviors that would be deemed a criminal offense, incur a civil liability, or otherwise violate any law.
  • They shall not publish or transmit any material whose content is menacing, false, misleading, offensive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, immoral, scandalous, pornographic, or blasphemous. Doctoranytime shall fully cooperate with all law enforcement authorities and shall fully comply with any court decision requesting or ordering the disclosure of the identity of any person publishing or transmitting such information and material.
  • They shall not collect e-mail addresses or other user data from the service by electronic or other means so as to enter into unwelcome commercial or other types of communications with the users, other that the commercial communications to which each user consents.
  • They shall not in any way upload, transmit, store, or make available to the public pictures of third parties without said parties’ consent.
  • They shall notify doctoranytime as soon as they become aware of any unlawful or prohibited use of the website by third parties.

It is explicitly specified that users are prohibited from using the website to promote their own advertisements or offers, in violation of the doctoranytime Advertising Policy. The use of any element of the material without written authorization by doctoranytime is strictly prohibited, other than the use stipulated by these Terms of Use. In case the terms of use are violated, doctoranytime shall make full use of any legal remedy provided for by law, including criminal prosecution.


In any case of violation of these Terms of Use, users shall be liable to indemnification for any direct and/or consequential damage caused to doctoranytime. Doctoranytime not exercising its rights deriving from these Terms of Use does not constitute a waiver of these rights.

Doctoranytime explicitly reserves the right to oversee the implementation of these rules at its discretion.


Each user agrees to protect, defend, and indemnify doctoranytime, its partners, its employees, and its staff in general for any damage and departure, without restriction, they suffer as a result of or in connection to, directly or indirectly, poor use of the website by the user or violation of the Terms of Use.


Doctoranytime reserves the right to terminate immediately and without prior notice the agreement concluded with a user pursuant to this document, without penalty and without any further liability, if the user in question violates the Terms of Use, in full or in part, or if it is unable to verify the information provided by the user in question in the context of using the website.


These Terms of Use, along with any other rules to which these refer or which appear in the service, constitute the full agreement between doctoranytime and users as regards the use of the website. If a competent court deems for any reason that any of these Terms of Use is invalid and unenforceable, the remaining terms shall continue as valid and enforceable without being impaired or invalidated in any way.


The printed edition of the website and the Terms of Use, as well as any correspondence in electronic format, shall be accepted as evidence before judicial or administrative authorities.


These Terms of Use and any amendment thereof are governed by Belgian Law. For any dispute that arises from this agreement and cannot be resolved extra-judicially, the ratione materiae competent courts of Brussels have jurisdiction.

According to the Terms of Use, all rights and legal remedies are cumulative and do not preclude other rights and legal remedies stipulated by the law or other agreements.


For any question or clarification regarding the website, users may contact [email protected].