Optimise your medical center's efficiency

doctoranytime was born with the aim of revolutionising access to healthcare.
Our mission is to make the care pathway smoother and optimise the management of medical centres.

Thanks to our experience in the medical sector, we have developed a tool that will simplify the life of all people in your centre.


Everything necessary to facilitate the management of your medical center

Make appointments

Book appointments 24/7

Appointment booking 24/7,100% controlled. Phone service for your patients.

Gain time

Gain 50% of secretary time

Our tool allows you to spend more time on essential tasks.

Less cancellations

Have less non honored appointments

Thanks to a personalised follow-up of your patients, we reduce the number of forgotten consultation. Changing the date or time of an appointment has never been easier.

Renew base

Renew your patient base

Benefit from a great visibility online and build patient loyalty while attracting new patients.

Manage database

Manage your patient database

We offer you a dynamic interface to keep record of all your patients in a few clicks.

Secure data

Secure your data

Keep your data secured on a medical/paramedical server.

Patient's satisfaction

based on the user's general experience on doctoranytime

Increase rebooking

of the patients who already booked an appoinment made a second appointment with the same medical centre

Avoid non honored consultation

less non honored appointments

Benefits for everyone in the medical center

  • Increase the overall productivity in your medical center
  • Thanks to our statistics, understand and improve the performance towards your patients or your practice
  • Increase the online visibility of your center
  • Limit non honored appointments
  • Avoid loss of appointments as requests can be received 24/7
  • Put the time schedules of your specialists in one place, making it easier for patients to book multiple app with your specialist


Features for secretary

Management multi-user agenda

Integrated statistics tool

Adaptable to PC, tablet and smartphone

Integration with your medical software

Automatic Email and SMS

Widget to integrate the book appointment system in your website

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