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Passionate about nutrition since I was very young, and convinced that many of our ailments come from a deficient modern diet, I chose to train in functional and micronutritional medicine after my general practitioner training. I therefore propose, in addition to my "standard" general medicine consultations, functional medicine consultations, which aim to evaluate the global health of my patient and to take care of him, among other things, by correcting micronutrient (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) and hormonal deficiencies. Indeed, when different symptoms could be treated by different symptomatic treatments, the functional medicine consultations will try to evaluate the cause of all these ills, to treat it alone, in the most natural way possible by filling the nutritional deficiencies, and consequently to make these resulting symptoms disappear. Micro-nutritional assessments are also interesting in preventing future diseases. I will conclude my presentation by quoting what Hippocrates said already 400 years before our era: "Let your food be your first medicine". e-mail: [email protected]

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  • Master of specialization in general medicine - ULB - 2018+Training in Botulinum Toxin Injection Techniques - IMT - 2020+Training as a Phytotherapy Advisor (level 1) - ADNR formation - 2020+Training in Physiotherapy - IEPP - 2020+Naturopathy course for Health Professionals - Level 1 - Jardins de Vie - IRENE GROSJEAN
  • Formation aux Techniques d'injections de Toxine Botulique - IMT - 2020
  • Formation de Conseiller en Phytothérapie (niveau 1) - ADNR formation - 2020
  • Formation de physionutrition - IEPP - 2020
  • Stage de Naturopathie pour Professionnels de Santé - Niveau 1 - Jardins de Vie - IRENE GROSJEAN

Professional experience

  • CMGU Erasmus Hospital - 2020-2021+Medical House Care for All - 2018-2020+Lemonnier Medical Center - 2018-2020+
  • Maison Médicale Soins pour Tous - 2018-2020
  • Centre Médical Lemonnier - 2018-2020

Participation in conferences

  • Functional Medicine & Hormone Therapy+Micronutrition+Naturopathy & Hygiene
  • Micronutrition
  • Naturopathie & hygiènisme

Spoken languages

  • English
  • French

Academic Research and Publications

  • I did my medical studies at the ULB. I continued with a master of specialization in general medicine at the ULB, which I carried out in a medical house. During my assistantship, I followed a training of physiognutrition at the European Institute of Physionutrition and Phytotherapy, as well as an internship with Dr. Résimont with the aim of perfecting my current and past training.+After micronutrition, I became interested in naturopathy and more particularly in hygienism, humorism and living food, which led me to do an internship for health professionals with the naturopath Irène Grosjean, where I was taught fasting and purging techniques.+In February 2021, I obtained the diploma of phytotherapy consultant at ADNR, a training organization where I continue to train in aromatherapy in order to complete my practice as an allopath by an even more natural medicine. Finally, I am also still in the process of complementary training in functional medicine and micronutrition with the micronutritionists Bruno Mairet and Guénaëlle Abéguilé.
  • Durant mon assistanat, j'ai suivi une formation de physionutrition à l’Institut Européen de Physionutrition et Phytothérapie, ainsi qu'un stage auprès du Dr Résimont dans le but de parfaire mes formations en cours et passées.
  • Après la micronutrition, je me suis intéréssée à la naturopathie et plus particulèrement à l'hygiénisme, l'humorisme et l'alimentation vivante, ce qui m'a amenée à effectuer un stage pour professionnels de santé auprès de la naturopathe Irène Grosjean, où il m'a été enseigné les jeûnes et les techniques de purges.
  • En février 2021, j'ai obtenu le diplôme de consultante en phytothérapie à l'ADNR, organisme de formation auprès duquel je continue à présent à me former en aromathérapie afin de compléter ma pratique d’allopathe par une médecine encore plus naturelle.
  • Enfin, je suis également encore en cours de formation complémentaire de médecine fonctionnelle et micronutritionnelle auprès des micronutritionnistes Bruno Mairet et Guénaëlle Abéguilé.


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The address of Doctor Aude Materne is situated at Rue des Carmélites 152 in Uccle.

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