How the system of evaluation works in doctoranytime

The user can read on this page the process of evaluation and to be able to understand how doctoranytime ensures that there is 100% transparency and objectivity.

doctoranytime introduced evaluation as a means of help both for patients and doctors. The process is different compared to other online services due to the fact that medical sector has peculiarities that doctoranytime respects.

Our goal and our philosophy is to provide unbiased, verified evaluations and every user to be able to trust and take into consideration when he chooses his doctor.

You can find below the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and explain the logic behind the system of evaluation in doctoranytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered as an evaluation in doctoranytime?

doctoranytime gives the opportunity to every user that has booked their appointment through the online platform to evaluate their visit by completing a questionnaire, but also through open comments that they can submit.

The user/patient can describe their experience and send their evaluation. The credibility of the evaluation needs to be checked, it also has to be ensured that the terms of use are not violated before any evaluation gets published.

Published evaluations help millions of users to choose the right practitioner for them.

How can I submit an evaluation?

In order to be able to evaluate a practitioner, you have to first book your appointment online through doctoranytime online or via the practitioner. One day after your appointment, you will receive via email an evaluation form. In case you haven’t filled in the evaluation form, you will receive a reminder 7 days after the date of the appointment. You can also evaluate your visit through your personal page under the choice “My appointments”.

The timeframe of the evaluation is 60 days. The reason that the opportunity of the evaluation is given to those who booked their appointment online through doctoranytime, or via the practitioner, is to ensure transparency and to verify that the appointment has occurred.

In case that the user/guest has given their consent directly to the practitioner, they just have to complete the form that they will receive, after signing up to doctoranytime for security reasons, upon a time frame that is defined by the practice.

Are there any instances where an evaluation may not be published?

When giving an evaluation, you have to be sure that you have followed the following guidelines and you have read the terms of use.

Any comment that is offensive, or profane will not be published.

Personal data: We protect the privacy of your personal data and for this reason we erase any kind of personal data. You will never see published: last name, email, phone number etc.

Prices & receipts: Of course you can express your opinion upon the prices that a practitioner offers for their service, but doctoranytime will not publish details upon a financial transaction. doctoranytime is not a control mechanism and does not have the authority for being one. After an appointment, you have every right to ask for the receipt.

Accuracy of diagnosis or treatment: It is extremely important to share your feelings on how the practitioner treated your case. But, we can not publish comments about the accuracy of the diagnosis or treatment. Those are factual matters and to verify them, extensive medical studies would be required.

Promotional content: doctoranytime aims to be the most trustworthy source for a patient to search and to choose the most suitable practitioner for them. doctoranytime is not an advertising medium. For this reason, any kind of practitioner’s advertisement is rejected.

Practitioner sign-off: The practitioner will review and ultimately decide if the review is complying with all the requirements and terms of use.

Is the practitioner aware of the evaluation?

When the user submits their evaluation, the practitioner receives an automated email notifying them. The practitioner is aware of the evaluation in order to be able to solve any kind of misunderstanding, or even to give an explanation on what happened during the appointment.

The practitioner has the right to not allow a review to be published, if they conclude that the review is not complying with all the requirements and terms of use.

How can Ι leave a useful review?

Write your evaluation on the same way that you would like to read one, as a user that searches for a practitioner.

Don’t be too concise or extremely analytic.

Think, what would you answer to a friend if they asked for your opinion?

Be precise on your descriptions. Express your feelings for your appointment. Did you feel that you were treated well? Which were the criteria that made you choose the practitioner that you visited? Share any details that you think may be useful to other patients.

Why is my evaluation anonymous?

The evaluation is anonymous, as in doctoranytime we protect your personal data. The only thing that will be shown is your first name to highlight that the review was made by a real user. We do not want to expose your personal data. We want to use your story in order to help other patients. The verification of your personal data has been done through the appointment process.