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Mélissa Cavaliere Logopède spécialisée chez les enfants: Book an online appointment Mélissa Cavaliere Logopède spécialisée chez les enfants: Book an online appointment

NIHDI Number: 6-05430-44-801

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Mélissa Cavalière is speech therapist in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels Capital Region. She holds a bachelor degree in speech therapy since 2017. During her studies, she has done numerous internships in different environments: nursery school, primary school, specialized center for children with mental or motor hadicap, technical secondary school, rehabilitation center neuro-locomotor and geriatric as well as in the hospital at the neuropediatric service. These different environments allowed him to form at best. Today, she knows how to work in all types of situations. Speech therapy is a paramedical profession. The objectives of the speech therapist are the prevention, evaluation and treatment of communication disorders, speech, language (oral and written), voice, swallowing and logico-mathematics. It makes it possible to intervene as well with infants, as children, teenagers, adults or the elderly.
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Specialization and Experience

  • Oral language
  • Written language
  • Oral and written language
  • Learning disabilities
  • Pre-school children (up to 5-6 years)
  • School children (up to 12 years)
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Access Information

  • Rue Champ du Roi 96, Etterbeek
    • Private parking available



  • 2017: Bachelor's degree in speech therapy at the Institut Libre Marie Haps

Professional experience

  • Internship in a kindergarten and primary school+Internship in a specialized school for children with mental and/or motor disabilities+Internship in a neuro-locomotive and geriatric rehabilitation center+Internship in a hospital in the neuro-pediatric department
  • Logopède en école maternelle et primaire
  • Stage en école maternelle et primaire
  • Stage en entre spécialisé pour enfants présentant un handicap mental et/ou moteur
  • Stage en centre de réadaptation neuro-locomoteur et gériatrique
  • Stage en hôpital au service neuropédiatrique

Participation in conferences

  • 2021: Articulation disorders and speech delay, Logop'aide et vous, R.-M. Lirola+ 2020: Oral feeding disorders in infants and young children - From theory to care in speech therapy, Logop'aide et vous, E. Lesecq-Lambre and A. Lecoufle+2020: Speech therapy intervention in the learning of written language in pathological children aged 5 to 8 years, Logop'aide et vous, R.-M. Lirola+2019: School Speech Therapy and the Response to Intervention (RAI) Model, UPLF, P. Lefebvre+ 2019: ASD, Communication and Language, Assessment and Care, L. Abraham+2019: Training on early logopedic intervention (Rehabilitation program adapted to children with autism spectrum disorder and/or developmental delay in oral language and communication - Module 2), Centre Amimo, H. Hayat+2019: Play in ASD - Playing to learn, learning to play, Logop'aide et vous, L. Venin-Consol+2019: Dysphasia day, Logop'aide et vous, F. Coquet+2018: Training on early logopaedic intervention - Re-education and parental guidance for young children with little or no language and for people with autism spectrum disorders, Centre Amimo, H. Hayat+2018: Practical training in mathematics, V. Degroote+2018: Training on the management of deafness: Practical aspects, UCL, H. Laroche and F. Vander Linden+2018: Training around orality, HE Vinci - Marie Haps, D. Crunelle+2018: Training in logopedic practice with bilingual children, UPLF, A. MacLeod+2018: Training in developmental verbal dyspraxia, its evaluation and rehabilitation, Centre Mon Verger, C. Mahaux+2017: Training in screening and education in the prevention and interception of oro-myofunctional disorders, UPLF, B. Pirard and S. Liesens (with the participation of A. Piron)+2017: Training in reading comprehension, Centre Amimo, C. Janssens+2017: Training in the working method, Centre Amimo, C. Janssens+2016: Basic training "Sésame", La Clairière
  • 2022: Enseignement de la lecture et de l'écriture chez les élèves de P1 et P2 (6-8 ans) grâce à la littérature jeunesse, Logop'aide et vous, P. Lefebvre
  • 2022: Lecture interactive enrichie, Logop'aide et vous, P. Lefebvre
  • 2021: Troubles de l’articulation et retard de parole, Logop'aide et vous, R.-M. Lirola
  • 2020: Intervention orthophonique dans l’apprentissage du langage écrit chez l’enfant pathologique de 5 à 8 ans, Logop'aide et vous, R.-M. Lirola
  • 2019: Formation sur l'intervention logopédique précoce (Programme de rééducation adapté aux enfants avec retard de développement du langage oral et de la communication - Module 2), Centre Amimo, H. Hayat
  • 2019: Journée d’approfondissement sur la dysphasie, Logop'aide et vous, F. Coquet
  • 2018: Formation sur l'intervention logopédique précoce - Rééducation et guidance parentale chez le jeune enfant avec peu ou pas de langage, Centre Amimo, H. Hayat
  • 2018: Formation à la pratique logopédique avec les enfants bilingues, UPLF, A. MacLeod
  • 2018: Formation à la dyspraxie verbale de développement, son évaluation et sa rééducation, Centre Mon Verger, C. Mahaux
  • 2017: Formation à la compréhension à la lecture, Centre Amimo, C. Janssens

Spoken languages

  • French


What is the address of the health professional Mélissa Cavaliere?

Rue Champ du Roi 96 in Etterbeek is the address of the health professional Mélissa Cavaliere.

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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The following are a set of guidelines for COVID-19 prevention in the medical facilities. Mélissa Cavaliere complies with all of them.

Screening and Testing

Everyone is screened for symptoms before entering. The staff is also tested regularly. A person with signs of infection is immediately separated before coming into contact with others.

Protective Equipment

Everyone wears masks, except children under the age of 12. Staff members also use protective equipment during treatments.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly. They are also properly ventilated. The staff sanitizes their hands before and after interacting with each patient.

Social Distancing

The number of people allowed in the facilities is kept to a minimum and the 2-meter physical distancing rule is practiced.

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