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Welcome to my DoctorAnyTime page. RUE SAINT GILLES 18 4000 Liège BOULEVARD D'AVROY 288 4000 Liège COVID - I receive in person You will find in this section more details about my background, my practice and the course of a follow-up. I am a clinical psychologist recognized by the commission of psychologists (approval number: 912221778). I obtained my degree in psychology (research section) in 2014 at the ULiège. I continued my studies with a master in criminology obtained in 2016. After a year spent working in the field of youth work as a criminologist I realized that I felt hindered in the help I could provide. Therefore, I decided to take a final year of study in adult clinical psychology in order to be able to offer psychological follow-up for individuals, couples or families and to get as close as possible to the human character of the helping relationship. I am currently working at the Psy Pluriel center in Liege where I offer follow-ups for adults from 18 years old. I am trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy but I also have the skills and tools to adapt to the requests and the people who ask for help. The help I offer covers different issues such as anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, phobias ...), work on self-confidence / self-esteem / self-affirmation, stress management, emotional dependence, interpersonal problems or any other subject that concerns the person. I am also trained in EMDR which is a therapy centered on trauma, it allows to soothe the emotional knots resulting from one or more traumatic events in order to be able to integrate this into one's life path. I work mainly with individuals. Couple or family sessions are also possible. Passionate about my work, I am constantly training myself, in the "to come" section you can see my imminent projects. What can a psychological follow-up bring to you ? First of all, an attentive, neutral and benevolent ear. Indeed, the psychologist is a neutral person who will listen to you without judging you. This will allow you to put your feelings into words, in a way that will allow you to objectify them, to take a step back and to find courses of action in the company of a neutral third party and in a neutral place as well. It is true that it can be pleasant and reassuring to confide in friends or family, but they know you and even with the best of intentions they may see your situation with filters concerning what they know about you. Sometimes they live with you, so there may be biases on their side and you may be reluctant to describe your situation for fear of offending someone, for example. A psychologist does not know you and has no preconceived ideas about you, this new perspective is a real asset. To this end, I have two locations in Liege to receive you: - 288 Boulevard d'Avroy - 18 Rue Saint-Gilles Part of the sessions are reimbursed. I am approved by all the mutual insurance companies, for more facilities please get the forms from your mutual insurance company. Any session cancelled within 24 hours will be charged. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions, I will be happy to answer them. Jennifer Moers

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  • ULiège+Bachelor in psychology (2012)+Master in neurosciences (2014)+Master in criminology (2016)+Master in clinical psychology (2018)+
  • Bachelier en psychologie (2012)
  • Master neurosciences (2014)
  • Master en criminologie (2016)
  • Master en psychologie clinique (2018)

Professional experience

  • 2017 Project manager at Pep's (youth work) +2019 Volunteer 54 Dérivation+ CURRENTLY Clinical psychologist at PsyPluriel
  • 2019 Bénévolat 54 Dérivation
  • ACTUELLEMENT Psychologue clinicienne chez PsyPluriel

Organisations member

  • Commission of Psychologists

Participation in conferences

  • Jean-Claude Ameisen (February 7, 2018): "The noblest part of our nature" (Darwin quote)+Olga Klimecki (February 19, 2018): Training empathy and compassion - a neuroscientific and psychological approach+Hélène Meunier (15 March 2018): What can monkeys teach us about the origin of our extraordinary social abilities+Serge Tisseron (May 3, 2018): Empathy at the heart of relationships and care+Dr. Steven Laureys (December 5, 2019) Meditation and the brain: How can meditation practice affect brain plasticity?
  • Olga Klimecki (19 février 2018) : Entraîner l’empathie et la compassion - une approche neuroscientifique et psychologique
  • Hélène Meunier (15 Mars 2018) : Que peuvent nous apprendre les singes sur l’origine de nos extraordinaires capacités sociales ?
  • Serge Tisseron (3 mai 2018) : L’empathie au coeur de la relation et du soin
  • Dr Steven Laureys (5 décembre 2019) Méditation et cerveau : Comment la pratique de la méditation peut-elle agir sur la plasticité cérébrale

Spoken languages

  • French

Academic Research and Publications

  • Experience stretching hypothesis: Does having extraordinary experiences make you happier? +Cognitive biases in people with depressive symptoms
  • Biais cognitifs chez les personnes à symptomatologie dépressive


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