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NIHDI Number: 12889122780

Sylviane Legros

Psychiatrist in Ixelles

    • Solbosch, square du Solbosch 3 (entrée latérale gauche du n°2), entrée latérale gauche du n°2, Ixelles, Region Brussels
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Passionate about life, human potential and physical and psychic healing processes, I help people who want to change a facet of their existence. Beyond individual consultations, I propose an original protocol based on the strength of the group and a reprogramming of the unconscious, at the heart of the emotions. This environment allows them to evolve more rapidly and in depth. I integrate a palette of therapeutic tools on three levels: physical, psychological and spiritual. I complete this approach with a systems vision, from the individual to the group, through couples and families. I have taught at the Nursing School of the Erasmus University Hospital and at the Belgian Osteopathic Society. I currently continue to supervise professionals, therapists and coaches. In addition to these therapeutic activities, I encourage group expression through the body and writing. I create opportunities to stimulate the healthy part of the individual, his vitality, his creativity, his relational intelligence and his joy of living in movement and music.

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  • Clinical psychiatrist
  • General psychiatry
  • Neurological rehabilitation

Access Information

    • Solbosch, square du Solbosch 3 (entrée latérale gauche du n°2), entrée latérale gauche du n°2, Ixelles, Region Brussels
  • Parking

    • Easy parking

Payment Methods

    • Cash


  • Couple Therapy
  • Depression
  • Individual Therapy
  • Neurosis
  • Systemic therapy



  • Université Libre de Bruxelles, Hopital Erasme, Hopital Brugman+Doctor (1982), Neuropsychiatrist (1987), Health Antropologist (2011)+
  • Médecin (1982), Neuropsychiatre (1987), Antropologue de la santé (2011)

Participation in conferences

  • Symbolization, Marge Reddington, Dayton USA+Violence prevention and management, Kidpower, Santa Cruz, USA+Psychosomatics, Sami Ali, Paris+Systemic analysis, Siegi Hirsh, Dr. HC of ULB+Transactional analysis, Group, S. Nasielski, Genval Nasielski, Genval Analysis: Belgian Society of Psychoanalysis+Ayurvedic medicine+Japanese herbal medicine+Chinese medicine and Chi-Kong, Dr. Bastin, Brussels Facilitator in Biodanza+Mindfulness meditation, Tich Nathan, Arna Leshem+Nutritherapy, Cerden, Dr. JP Curtay, Brussels
  • Prévention et gestion de la violence, Kidpower, Santa Cruz, USA
  • Psychosomatique, Sami Ali, Paris
  • Analyse Systémique, Siegi Hirsh, Dr HC de l’ULB
  • Analyse transactionnelle, Groupe, S. Nasielski, Genval Analyse : Société Belge de psychanalyse
  • Médecine ayurvédique
  • Thermie japonaise
  • Médecine chinoise et Chi-Kong, Dr Bastin, Bruxelles Facilitatrice en Biodanza
  • Méditation Pleine conscience, Tich Nathan, Arna Leshem
  • Nutrithérapie, Cerden, Dr JP Curtay, Bruxelles

Spoken languages

  • French

Academic Research and Publications

  • Original protocol of emotional reprogramming of the unconscious+Workshops on prevention and management of violence+Creation of a psychotherapeutic model based on group therapy in a day hospital+Supervision of therapists: nurses, physiotherapists, osteopaths, coaches, logopedists, marital and family counsellors, social workers and psychologists+Lecturer at the Belgian Society of Osteopathy in Psychosomatics+Lecturer at the School of Nursing, University Hospital ERASME, Psychiatry and Psychology
  • Ateliers de prévention et gestion de la violence
  • Cocréation d’un modèle psychothérapeutique basé sur la thérapie de groupe en hôpital de jour
  • Supervisions de thérapeutes : infirmières, kinésithérapeutes, ostéopathes, coaches, logopèdes, conseillères conjugales et familiales, assistants sociaux et psychologues
  • Chargée de cours à la Société Belge d’Ostéopathie en Psychosomatique
  • Chargée de cours à l'École des Soins Infirmiers, Hôpital Universitaire ERASME, Psychiatrie et Psychologie


What is the address of Dr. Sylviane Legros?

square du Solbosch 3 (entrée latérale gauche du n°2) in Ixelles is the address of Doctor Sylviane Legros.

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