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Mijn naam is Jördi, en ik ben een gepassioneerde en toegewijde therapeut met een sterke achtergrond in psycho-neuro-endocrinologie en psycho-neuro-immunologie. Geboren in 1982 aan de prachtige Belgische kust, heb ik altijd een diepe interesse gehad in de wetenschap en het menselijk lichaam. Mijn opleiding aan VIVES en de AIHP heeft me voorbereid op een succesvolle carrière als therapeut. Als trots lid van de BNVIP en EAP, ben ik altijd op de hoogte van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen binnen mijn vakgebied. Mijn specialisatie ligt in het behandelen van somatisatie, stress, angst en depressie, waarbij ik wetenschappelijk onderbouwde methoden toepas om het welzijn van mijn cliënten te verbeteren. In mijn praktijk, gevestigd in het VIVE Huisartsenpraktijk in Wetteren, ben ik toegewijd aan het bieden van effectieve en empathische zorg. Ik geloof sterk in het belang van wetenschap en bewijs bij het begeleiden van zowel mijn persoonlijke als professionele leven.

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  • Cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy
  • Humanist psychotherapy
  • Sexology
  • Adult and adolescent

Relative Experience

Spec. psychoneuro-endocrinologie


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Access and Appointments

  • Vijverstraat 3 , Wetteren
    • Easy parking
  • Payment Methods

    Bank Card

    Appointment Policy

    • Payment at the practice
      During your visit, you can select the payment method of your choice from the options mentioned above.
    • Cancellation
      You can always cancel up to 48 hours before the appointment. For more information please read our cancellation policy.



  • Integrative psychotherapy at the Academy of Integrative Psychotherapy (Vives)

Professional experience

  • Psychotherapeut, NPC Gent
  • Zelfstandig psychotherapeut.
  • Psychotherapeut, VIVE Huisartsenpraktijk, België (2017)

Organisations member

  • BVP (Belgische Vereniging voor Psychotherapie)

Spoken languages

  • English
  • Dutch

Answers to patient questions

  • Couple Therapy

    why won't my husband stop smoking even though he knows it bothers me? he knows it puts a strain on our relationship but he still does it. he promises to stop but then after a few months, he does it again. whenever he picks up the habit again it starts slowly, and then he falls right back into it. I am so frustrated to the point of having a headache because I am tired of repeating the same thing repeatedly. It always feels like a betrayal every time he starts smoking again because I put my trust in his words when he says he understands the strain his smoking has on our relationship. Whenever I find out that he has smoked, my mood changes. Then our day gets ruined then I start feeling guilty or responsible for the ominous atmosphere that has been created. But I can't accept this bad habit. He sees the strain it has on our relationship but I don't know why he just won't make up his mind. I wish he would just stop making promises that he can't keep. He could just tell me that he can't quit smoking just because it bothers me and that if he is ever to quit someday it will come from him. And he won't be quitting just because of me.

    • It's clear that this situation is causing significant distress for both you and your husband, and it's understandable that you would feel frustrated and betrayed by the cycle of promises and relapses. Here are some points that might help in addressing the question and providing support:

      Understanding Addiction: Smoking is a powerful addiction, primarily due to nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. It's important to recognize that quitting smoking is often not just a matter of willpower. The physical and psychological aspects of nicotine addiction can make it extremely difficult for someone to stop smoking, even
      ... Read more

      Jördi Gerry

      Jördi Gerry

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Academic Research and Publications

  • Research on the personality structure of online gamers.
  • Author of Medical knowledge for psychotherapists (in progress).


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The practitioner Jördi Gerry is located at Vijverstraat 3 in Wetteren.

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