Advertising Management Policy

To be the most transparent with the users of the site doctoranytime, we decided to set up an advertising management policy. It establishes a precise framework of the content published on our website.

Only doctoranytime deals with advertising management strategy on the entire website.

doctoranytime wishes to maintain a quality service and does not wish to display third-party ads (a third party is considered as any advertiser using some form of advertising, such as banners, badges, articles, or contextual ads). With regard to the advertising policy followed by doctoranytime, advertising is considered to be one of the following: banners, modules, micro-sites, native advertisements, or any other advertisement provided by a third party for the purpose of promoting their products or services.

doctoranytime is committed to not favoring any practitioner, and informs users that practitioners are classified according to their availability, geolocation and the richness of the content of their profile.

doctoranytime does not agree to post content on its website if it belongs to one of the following categories:

  1. It is not exact and is intended to mislead the user, to present false information and incomplete information
  2. He does not respect the laws and customs of the state
  3. The text refers to products or services that may cause harm to the user
  4. It does not respect or offend (directly or indirectly) a particular person or group of persons with respect to age, weight, origin, gender, race, sexual preference or ability, or any another situation that is considered sensitive
  5. It advertises narcotics and other prohibited substances, weapons, gambling, pornography and / or the like, as well as tobacco
  6. It targets children under 12 years old
  7. It contains or advertises video games
  8. It does not respect the ethics and the purpose of doctoranytime
  9. It contains messages about medical miracles, fake drugs and treatments that are not verified by extensive scientific research

If there are any changes to the content publishing requirements, they will be visible on the Advertising Management Policy page. doctoranytime also reserves the right to modify this policy whenever we deem it necessary.