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Orléane Nève de Mévergnies is a physical therapist with a diploma in sports medicine and a master's degree in musculoskeletal disorders and manual therapy. She offers you a treatment through physical exercises and passive manual techniques in order to relieve your pain, possible functional disorders and to prevent future injuries. This will allow you to find an activity adapted to your needs. She will be pleased to welcome you in the KINEFIX medical office from Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm. If you do not find the time that suits you, do not hesitate to contact her at 0497.16.03.78 or send her an email: [email protected]

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  • Manual therapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Orthopedic
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  • Specialization training in musculoskeletal disorders and orthopedic manual therapy at UCLouvain (1 year)+Running-Trail training at UCLouvain+Sports physiotherapy training for high level athletes (1 year)+Master's degree in musculoskeletal disorders and orthopedic manual therapy at UCLouvain (1 year)+Kinesitherapy and Rehabilitation diploma
  • Formation de course à pied-Trail à l'UCLouvain
  • Formation en kiné du sport pour sportifs de haut niveau (1 an)
  • Master de spécialisation en troubles musculo-squelettique et thérapie manuelle orthopédique à l'UCLouvain (1 an)
  • Diplômée de Kinésithérapie et Réadaptation

Participation in conferences

  • Conference "Clinique du coureur "+Conference on the femoro-patellar syndrome+Nutrition of the sportsman+Sports in the pregnant woman+e-jeppa on the lumbago+.
  • Conférence sur le syndrome femoro-patellaire
  • Nutrition du sportif
  • Le sport chez la femme enceinte
  • e-jeppa sur les lombalgies

Spoken languages

  • English
  • French

Answers to patient questions

  • General topics

    Hi, I am 36 years old male. I had L5-S1 surgery to remove the disc 5 years ago. I am having pain again in lower back and my legs since last 4-5 days.. I am resting but would like to know if it can be something serious. Should I go for MRI and diagnosis again or it is normal to have such episodes knowing the medical condition I have. Will I be normal again to live normal life ? Thanks in advance for Guidance

    • Hello,

      It seems you have a sciatica. It’s not a serious problem but resting is not the solution. You need to move, walk. I advise you to go see a physioterapist to help you for guidance and to reassure you with your condition. There is maybe no link between your condition and your actual sciatica. Don’t worry and go see a physiotherapist ;)

      Orléane Nève De Mévergnies

      Orléane Nève De Mévergnies

  • General topics

    Hello, some years ago i bumped inwards part of Knees together and it was ok after some weeks but now whenever i pull up my lower back i feel a sensation no pain necessarily but i don't understand what it is? Should i see physiotherapist?

    • Hello,

      It certainly means that you have a sciatica because your pain is linked with your lower back. It’s like an irradiating pain. I advise you to see a physiotherapist 🤗

      Orléane Nève De Mévergnies

      Orléane Nève De Mévergnies

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Academic Research and Publications

  • Scientific article on low back pain published in "Physiotherapy research international" January 2022: research: +Myoelectric prostheses+ Comparison of treatments for sensitivity in children with cerebral palsy in collaboration with Columbia University
  • Recherches académique :
  • Les prothèses myoélectriques
  • Comparaison de traitements pour la sensibilité des enfants atteints de paralysie cérébrale en collaboration avec l'Université de Columbia


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