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I am specialised in orthopaedic manual therapy, hand and wrist pathologies, TMJ (jaw) pathologies and headaches as well as in the treatment of runners and musicians. I continue to follow regular professional development seminars in order to improve the efficiency of your treatment. As a sportswoman and musician since I was very young, I quickly understood the importance of a good physical condition. I am passionate about the functions and capacities of the human body, and it is with both enthusiasm and benevolence that I accompany you on your treatment journey. I also encourage you to maintain or restart your sporting activities by sharing its many physical and psychological benefits. Hardworking, thoughtful and attentive, I will adapt my practice to your requirements, your objectives and your availability.

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  • TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint)
  • Manual therapy
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Prevention and healing of sports injuries
  • Neck problems
  • Hand rehabilitation
  • Post traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation
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  • UCL, University Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (CUTM): IFOMPT international accreditation (2023 - Présent)
  • Second master, UCL, Master 2 in musculoskeletal physiotherapy / manual therapy (2022 - 2023)
  • Manual therapy and physiotherapy institute, Paris (ITMP), Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (2021 - 2022)
  • The running clinic, Prevention, assessment and treatment of runners pathologies (2021)
  • UCL, Mulligan Concept - Upper quadrant. Prof. Laurent Pitance (2024)
  • UCL, Temporomandibular disorders with Pr. Laurent Pitance (2024)
  • UCL, Knee pain and patellofemoral syndrome with Dr Joachim Van Cant (2024)
  • UCL, Motor control of the cervical region with PT David Colman (2024)
  • UCL, Management of anterior cruciate ligament injuries with PT Julien Liens (2023)
  • ETMA, Assessment and management of TMJ / jaw pathologies with PhD S. Sobczak (2022)
  • University certificate, ULB, Assessment and Management of hand pathologies (2022)
  • Fisiofocus, Headache assessment and management with Pr Toby Hall (2021)
  • Agence EBP, Assessment and management of shoulder pathologies with Pr Jo Gibson (2021)
  • ETMA, Myoaponeurotic hooking and Knife (2021)
  • ASBL, Sport-health with prescription (2023)
  • First Master, ULB, Master in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (2017 - 2021)

Professional experience

  • Coach Mobility by TriBE, Crossfit Tembo, Chaumont-Gistoux (2024 - Présent)
  • Coach santé pour "Sport sur Ordonnance" , sport-sur-ordonnance ASBL, Chaumont-Gistoux (2024 - Présent)
  • Independent physiotherapist, Tribe Concept, Chaumont-Gistoux (2023 - Présent)
  • Independent physiotherapist, Kinea+ center, Brussels (2021 - Présent)

Organisations member

  • French-speaking physiotherapy scientific society (SSFK) (2021)
  • Axxon Physical Therapy in Belgium (2021)
  • Belgian federation of sports physiotherapy (BFSP) (2023)

Participation in conferences

  • The 7th IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport , Olympic International Committee (2024)
  • International Congress Of Sportphysiotherapy, BFSP, IFSPT (2023)
  • Running Clinic Congress (2023)
  • European congress Manual Therapy, IFOMPT, MATHERA (2023)
  • Paris Lower Limb Summit (PLS) - sports physiotherapy, Agence EBP (2022)
  • Webinars , SSFK (2022)
  • Online Forum Series, ASPETAR sports medicine journaL (2021)
  • Complicated situations in sports traumatology with JM. ANNAERT, ULB (2019)
  • Physiotherapy in Live , Physio-Academie (2022)
  • Updates in tendinopathy rehabilitation with JM. ANNAERT and D. MOURAUX, AMISEK (2021)

Spoken languages

  • English
  • French

Academic Research and Publications

  • Research into running, ankle sprains, acute fatigue assessment in sport and the use of BFR (blood flow restriction), UCL (2024)
  • Musculoskeletal master's thesis : Effects of running-induced fatigue on kinetic and kinematic running parameters in a population of recreational and competitive runners , UCL (2023)
  • Master 1 thesis in physiotherapy : Evaluation of the strength and endurance of the inspiratory muscles in the obese patient before and after bariatric surgery, ULB (2021)


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Rue de Laeken 90 in Brussels is the address of the health professional Chloé Galerne.

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