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The Orthodontist Charles Daou may issue a complete diagnosis to advise the best treatment. Orthodontics is a dental specialty that performs the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental and facial irregularities. Malocclusion, which is the bad relationship between the teeth of the top and bottom, is treated by the orthodontist by the application and control of corrective appliances. Orthodontics can correct bad positions of the teeth and jaws to improve chewing and dental esthetics. However orthodontic treatment are not reserved exclusively for aesthetic reasons or children: instead of teeth, the shape of the jaws, how to eat, so bite the bullet, can lead to premature loss of one or several teeth. In addition, treatments can cure or prevent, apneas occurring during sleep. The treatment is accomplished by influencing the growth face and moving the teeth so that they take a more favorable position. The orthodontist adapts his treatment plan to the patient using fixed devices that are small boxes stuck on the teeth and connected by a wire that moves the teeth by a slight and constant pressure in a desired direction. The successive change of the son will bring your teeth in the ideal position. One can also use removable braces that focused on facial growth and prevent a worsening of skeletal problem until the eruption of permanent teeth. The classic called vestibular orthodontics orthodontics uses brackets bonded on the visible side of the teeth, despite the latest techniques conventional orthodontics is still largely visible. The aesthetic with vestibular fasteners may be unacceptable to some patients. We then use this case to the invisible lingual orthodontics.
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Adults orthodontia, Child orthodontia


Orthodontie invisible: Invisalign, Icognito

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  • Avenue Louise 445, Ixelles
  • Centre Dentaire a Jette, Avenue de Jette 189, Jette

CV - Charles Daou


  • - Licencié en Science Dentaire
  • - Diplômé en Orthopedie Dento-Faciale
  • - Licencié en orthodontie et en Orthopédie Dento-Facial
  • - Titulaire d'un certificat d'excellence en orthodontie et en orthopédie dento-faciale
  • - Certification : Technique d’orthodontie Linguale invisible INCOGNITO
  • - Certification : Technique d’orthodontie INVISALIGN « USA »
  • - Titulaire de certificat de Création d’entreprise de Solvay Business School


  • Chargé de cours et de formation d’orthodontie à l’École Européenne d’Orthodontie « Belgique, Luxembourg, Maroc et Algérie ».

Participation in conferences

  • Consultant au Camberland Dental Center (OTTAWA Canada)
  • Consultant au Centro-Dental Multiespecialista (GRANADA, Espagne)

Spoken languages

  • Français
  • English

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Charles Daou

Charles Daou

Avenue Louise 445, Ixelles
Charles Daou

Charles Daou

Centre Dentaire a Jette, Avenue de Jette 189, Jette
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