• Diabetes treatment
  • Submitted on 03/03/2023

Hello Sir/Madam, I want to control my blood sugar levels (Fasting Blood sugar level currently is 115 mg/dl, two hours after food it was 165 mg/dl). I am trying to conceive and I had 2 miscarriages last year. What should I do, should I see a dietician or endocrinologist ? Please guide me.

6 specialists answered

  • you should first of all see an endocrinologist, who will probably refer you to a dietitian

    Ingrid Hantson



  • Hello! Thanks for your message. To bring down your blood sugar, you have to change your diet and do some physical activities. The endocrinologist will help you with some medicines eventually BUT if it's possible to getting lower your blood sugar without medicines and only diets changing, it's better.

    Manon Liégeois



  • Hi, you should see a dietician (for the food part) and an endocrinologist (for the Medical part), both have differents interesting and complementary advices to give you

    Valentine Verdin



  • Hello,
    I recommend the following:
    1. Visit your general practitioner to do a complete check-up and assess your overall health status as well as the onset of diabetes and its treatment. Your general practitioner will assess whether to refer you to an endocrinologist.
    2. Visiting a dietitian nutritionist will allow you to assess the state of nutrition to detect, prevent or correct eating behaviors that lead to diabetes, and perhaps other indicators that must be identified and corrected. A good state of nutrition and eating habits that respond to your health needs, in this case of the future mother, allows you to increase the chance
    ... Read more

    Leticia Reyes



  • You need to see an endocrinologist first and after that he will probably recommend you to see a dietitian. I hope i could help.

    Pierre Abou-Zeid



  • Hello, thanks for your question. Your GP (General Practicioner, Family Doctor) or Gynecologist will be the best person to address this question. As dietitian, I could help to evaluate if impact is eating-habits related, and to give recommendations for improvements regarding your situation.

    Patricia Lambeau




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