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Claire Bravo graduated in Foot-Reflexology at the Caprifolium Center in 2011. She started to exercise officially the same year and has since followed professional experiences to improve her practice. As such, she worked in several practices including the Mont-St-Jean Waterloo Medical Center where she satisfied many clients with her expertise. Reflexologist Claire Bravo can take care of consultations for back or headache, burn out, depression, stress management, insomnia, hypersensitivity and many others. She has done academic research on personal development and Bidy and Mind therapies. With the goal of always updating her knowledge in the field of reflexology, Claire Bravo took part in conferences on the usefulness of Reflexology in healing pain and reducing stiffness. You can find her in the private practice "La bulle de Claire" in Braine-l´Alleud or at the Mont-St-Jean Waterloo Medical Center in a friendly atmosphere and with the guarantee of quality listening. The average length of an appointment with reflexologist Claire Bravo is one hour.

Specialties - Claire Bravo

  • Footreflexology
  • Coaching
  • Hypersensibility


Depression, Burn-out, relaxation, stress management, insomnia, back pain, headache.

Patient Reviews

Verified reviews from real patients

Cleanliness of the practice
Clear information on the pathology
Clear information on the side effects


  • Cabinet privé - La Bulle de Claire, Drève du Triage de la Bruyère 56, Braine-L'Alleud
  • Centre médical Mont - Saint - Jean, Chaussée de Bruxelles 742, Waterloo

CV - Claire Bravo


  • Centre Caprifolium - Réflexologie Plantaire


  • A exercé au Centre Médical Mont-St-Jean Waterloo en tant que réflexologue.

Participation in conferences

  • Association Parkinson : Comment la réflexologie aide à calmer les douleurs et à réduire les raideurs

Spoken languages

  • Français
  • English
  • Nederlands

Academic Research and Publications

  • Personal Development Consultant
  • Body and Mind practitioner
  • MLC practitioner
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