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Thibault Cramesnil is a physiotherapist qualified in the management of musculoskeletal pathologies, chronic pain and sports physiotherapist. His practice is based on effective and proven techniques and on the best scientific evidences. His ten years of experience with the human body in action will guide you in improving your rehabilitation.

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  • Manual therapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • General
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  • Anatomy Trains, Incitus, Spine tensegrity (2024)
  • Barça Innovation Hub, VALD, Physical tests with force platform (2024)
  • Anatomy Trains , Fascia therapy techniques on the structures and functions of the Myers muscle chains (2023)
  • Jean-Benoit Morin, Sprint biomechanics and management of hamstring injuries (2023)
  • Runeasi expert certification , Runeasi, Expertise en analyse de la course par Runeasi (Uperform Waterloo) (2023)
  • 2022: Ann Cools : "Shoulder Rehabilitation: A Practical Guide for the Clinician"
  • 2022: Cruciate Ligament Rehab with Dr. Alli Gokeler : motor control and neuroplasticity after an ACL injury
  • 2022: Adam Meakins " The Painful Shoulder "
  • 2022: in the Uperform shoulder expertise team
  • 2022: Workshop Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell and Suspension Training with the Physical Coaching Academy
  • 2021 : Online formation EXOS and Phil Sizer : sensorimotor control
  • 2021 : Blood Flow Restriction (Kaatsu)
  • 2020 : Dry Needling Top 30
  • 2020 : Nutritional strategies and recovery for performance improvment by Yann Le Meur @ylmsportscience
  • 2020 : Muligan skills : inferior and superior limbs
  • 2020 : Vestibular issues : Vertige Instabilité Rééducation Enseignement (V.I.R.E)
  • Since 2019 : Manual Therapy at HELB Ilya Prigogine [IFOMPT]
  • 2019 : Master in physiotherapy and reeducation at Université de Louvain
  • 2014 : Licence in Sciences and Technics of Sports and Physical Activities (STSPA), option education and motricity, speciality tennis at Université Claude Bernard de Lyon

Professional experience

  • Préparateur physique et kiné spécialisé en tennis, Horizon Academy , Belgique (2023)
  • Formateur en prévention des pathologies musculo-squelettiques chez les aides de ménage, Maison Brillante , Belgique (2023)
  • Depuis 2019: "École du dos", Professeur de Tennis et Personnal Trainer au Castle Club de Wezembeek Opem
  • 2019 : Hopital Saint-Luc en kinésithérapie maxilo-facial et neuropédiatrie
  • 2019 : Clinique Saint Jean méridien en neurologie et orthopédie
  • 2020 : Rest home Atrium in Crainhem+ Since 2019 : "Back school", Tennis teacher and Personnal Trainer at the Castle Club of Wezembeek Opem+2019 : Clinique Saint Jean méridien in neurology and orthopedics+2019 : Hopital Saint-Luc in maxilo-facial physiotherapy and neuropediatrics

Participation in conferences

  • Congrès national de l'épaule et le coude chez le tennisman , Medscore et la Fédération Française de Tennis (2023)
  • Inter-university congress on scientific advances in sports pathologies (2019)+Management of cervicogenic headaches (2019)+Therapeutic communication (2019)+Criteria for return to sport (2019)+Management of femoropatellar syndrome (2018)
  • Prise en charge des céphalées cervicogéniques (2019)
  • La communication thérapeutique (2019)
  • Les critères de retour au sport (2019)
  • La prise en charge du syndrôme femoro-patélaire (2018)

Spoken languages

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

Answers to patient questions

  • Knee pain

    Hi, I think I sprained my left knee. So, I got a knee support from the pharmacy to support recovery. As a self-diagnosis, I have no problems walking, the inner side ligaments seem to be healing better, but even after 8 weeks, the knee still feel sore. I can swim, but not really run and certainly not do any contact sports. It's probably best to finally see a general doctor. After seeing a general doctor, in case it is necessary, what could be the possible next steps to investigate what is wrong with the knee?

    • Hello,
      Helping the sprained ligaments to rest seems to be a good idea. Improving the swealing, recover the knee strenght, make it less painfull during the first few month. Then, especially if it's still sore/ instable in 1 month, take an IRM to see what's going on.
      Best regards
      Thibault Cramesnil Physiotherapist

      Thibault Cramesnil

      Thibault Cramesnil

  • General topics

    Hello. I have started to experience a lingering pain in my back on the right hand side. The pain seems to be located between my ribs and it restricts my mobility when I try to rotate/twist my upper body to the right. Heat packs seem to relieve the pain but only momentarily and even anti inflammatory do not help that much. Any advice on who I should see? This issue is starting to affect my quality of life. Many thanks.

    • Hello,
      A physiotherapist specialised in musculoskeletal diseases or sport can help you, or an osteopath.
      Best regards,
      Thibault Cramesnil Physiotherapist

      Thibault Cramesnil

      Thibault Cramesnil

  • General topics

    Good evening. 3 weeks ago I had epidural steroid injections to my spine ( neck herniaC5-c6 ). I started my Physiotherapy week ago. Few days ago I received documents from hospital that I had two injection to my spine one on the 21st March (C5-C6) second one on 29 th March (C6-C7)I knew straight away that something was wrong . I couldn’t walk I felt so much pain . Second injection has been done incorrectly ( wrong place ). I can’t get in touch with my orthopedist (holidays) I completely don’t know what to do with it. It hurts all the time. Should I continue with my physiotherapy or stop it till I will have my appointment with my Physiotherapist(2 nd May 2024) ? Please help

    • Hello,
      Take physio or osteo appointments as soon as possible, as you shouldn't have to wait while suffering that much.
      Take care, be carreful and be brave in this painful moments,
      Thibault Cramesnil Physiotherapist

      Thibault Cramesnil

      Thibault Cramesnil

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Academic research and publications

  • Chronic pain with central sensitization care (fibromyalgia, chronic low back pain, chronic neck pain and type 1 CRPS) with play-based virtual reality exercises


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