Our Online Chat with a Psychologist is currently unavailable

Unfortunately our psychologist is not available to chat at the moment. If you’re struggling and don’t know who to turn to, you can come back to this page during the following hours:

Monday: 9:00–13:00, Tuesday: 9:00–13:00, Thursday: 9:00–13:00 and Friday: 9:00–13:00.

Through our Online Chat you’ll be able to share your problems with our psychologist and decide upon your next steps. Our service is meant for guidance purposes and does not replace a consultation.


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Your advantages


Make the best of your time

During the 20-minute chat you’ll be able to share your thoughts and worries with the psy and create a plan based on your needs!


It’s all about comfort

Enjoy your chat from the comfort of your home, feel at ease and open up in a safe environment, absolutely hassle-free!


Do you wish to remain anonymous?

If you feel uncomfortable talking about your problems, you can talk to a psychologist anonymously via our online chat. No personal information will be disclosed, apart from your first name, so that you can enjoy your chat and feel absolutely safe.

Online Chat with a Psychologist

Do you have questions and don’t know who to turn to? Address your concerns through our online chat.

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