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Sophie Kalitventzeff is a professional physiotherapist with 37 years of experience. She studied at the Catholic University of Louvain and holds a master's degree in physiotherapy. Between studies, academic research and professional experiences, Sophie Kalitventzeff's journey is very rich. She did a dissertation on learning disabilities at school of neurological origin. She also practiced in many practices in different cities, at the Erasme Hospital, at the Epidaure center, at the Brakine center, and in private practice. She is a specialist in VODDER lymphatic drainage, in perinatal and HAPTONOMY and in relational psychomotricity. You can find her at the Solilau medical center, the Brakine center and her private practice.

Specialties - Sophie Kalitventzeff

  • VODDER Lymphatic Drainage
  • Perinatal and HAPTONOMY
  • Relational psychomotricity

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CV - Sophie Kalitventzeff


  • Degree in physiotherapy and motor rehabilitation at the Catholic University of Louvain.


  • Sophie Kalitventzeff worked at the Erasme Hospital, at the Epidaure center, at the Brakine center, and in a private practice.

Participation in conferences

  • Perinatal, cancer, end of life, geriatrics, Alzheimer's, Naomie Feil, numerous participations in congresses.
  • Speaker: conferences and training: Delta Hospital, Erasme, Mont Godinne, MME Charleroi, La Vie-Là ...

Spoken languages

  • Français
  • Nederlands
  • Español

Academic Research and Publications

  • Physiotherapy, fibromyalgia, shoulder rehabilitation, continuing care, mistreatment, inter-service communication, Alzheimer's, "Parachute School", scar treatment ...
  • Dissertation: "School learning disorders of neurological origin; early detection and psychomotor rehabilitation"
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