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Dior Ghafil Dior Ghafil

Dior Ghafil


NIHDI Number: 1-8743269-480

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Le Docteur Dior GHAFIL est un chirurgien orthopédique et traumatologue avec un intérêt particulier pour les pathologies de la hanche et du genou.
En plus de la chirurgie prothétique mini-invasive, il pratique la chirurgie conservatrice (ostéotomies) et arthroscopique.
Le Docteur GHAFIL utilise une approche multidisciplinaire et s’appuie sur son expérience en milieu universitaire pour aborder les différentes pathologies ostéo-articulaires.

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Specialization and Experience

  • Hip orthopaedic surgery
  • Knee orthopaedic surgery
  • Trauma orthopaedic surgery
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COVID-19 Safety Compliance
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  • Doctor in Medicine, Surgery and Births, Free University of Brussels (ULB, Belgium) June 1995
  • Post Graduate in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology (ULB), 2001

Professional experience

  • Post- graduate studies in orthopaedic surgery (ULB):
  • - general surgery, 2 years, ULB Erasme (Erasmus University Hospital Brussels)
  • - orthopaedic surgery, 2 years, RHMS Baudour , Belgium
  • - orthopaedic surgery, 1 year, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa
  • - orthopaedic surgery, 1 year, CHU Saint Pierre (St pierre University Hospital, Brussels)
  • - Resident, Saint Pierre Hospital, Octobre 2001 to December 2008
  • - Assistant head of clinic, Saint Pierre Hospital 2009-2011
  • - Head of clinic, Saint Pierre Hospital, 2012 - 2014
  • - Chirec Hospital (Delta and Parc Leopold), since 2014

Organisations member

  • • Associate Member of the Royal Belgian Orthopaedics and Traumatology
  • Society.
  • • Member of SORBCOT Hip Committee.

Spoken languages

  • English
  • French
  • العربية

Academic Research and Publications

  • • Ghafil D, Putz Ph. “Activite fonctionnelle sub-normale dans une luxation négligee de l’épaule ” (Sub-normal Functional Activity in a Neglected Shoulder Dislocation). Case Report Published in ‘Acta Orthopaedica Belgica’ Sept. 1998 (Vol. 64/3 p. 339).
  • • Claessens B, Amulitegwa M, Ghafil D, Mols P. “ Place et interet de la contention précoce du bassin
  • chez le patient traumatisé grave ”. Place and Value of Early Pelvic Exertion in Severely Traumatised
  • Patients. La revue des Urgences (ED Review) March 2006 Edition; 75: pp 73-75
  • • Fabeck L, Ghafil D, Gerroudj M, Baillon R, Delince P. ”Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7 in the Treatment of
  • Congenital Pseudoarthrosis of the Tibia”. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British Volume). 2006 Jan;
  • 88(1): pp 116-8
  • • Delince Ph., Fabeck L, Ghafil D, Baillon R, “ Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. A critical Review
  • of the Literature.” European Training Course Lecture, Effort, vol.6 pp 217-231, 2003
  • • Delincé P, Ghafil D. “Anterior cruciate ligament tears: conservative or surgical treatment? A critical
  • review of the literature” Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2011 Jul 20.
  • • P. Delincé, D. Ghafil. Lésion du LCA du genou: traitement conservateur ou chirurgical ? Le ligament
  • croisé antérieur : de la rupture à l’arthrose. Elsevier, Masson. Chapitre 4, Page 51-68.
  • • Ghafil D., Ackerman P., Baillon R., Verdonk R., Delincé Ph. : “Expandable intramedullary nails for Tibial
  • shaft fractures”. Acta Orthop. Belg., 2012,78, 779-785.
  • • Delincé Ph, GHAFIL D. «Le traitement des lesions du ligament croisé antérieur du genou est-il
  • nécessairement chirurgical ? » Orhto-Rhumato, déc 2012, vol 10,n°6, 17-26.
  • • Clinical study: Mechanical or chemical prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism during elective hip and knee surgery. We have conducted in our department a prospective study to investigate the null hypothesis that there is no difference in VTE outcome for subjects undergoing elective hip or knee surgery. The results of this study will be presented in the next AAOS congress (2012).
  • • Our department participated in a multi-center prospective randomized control trial to compare the effect upon bone density when using Bone Master Hydroxyapatite coated acetabular cups compared with Plasma Sprayed hydroxyapatite coated cups in patients with total hip replacement. This study is conducted in concomitant with Doctors Helmut Zahn and William Dunnet consultant orthopaedic surgeons at William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent. England.
  • • Cadaver study to study the biomechanical characteristic of the Fixion Expandable nail in the management of diaphyseal femoral fractures. The results of this study have been presented in the 12th AOLF congress in GENEVA 2010.
  • • Anatomical-radiological Study of Some Radiological Parameters used in the Assessment of Hallux Valgus, Vesalius Foundation Research Grant, May 2002.
  • • Participation in Research Work at the ‘Banque européenne d’homogreffe’ (European Allograft Bank),
  • Brussels (Professor Y. Goffin), july-august 1991: “Resistance to Low Temperatures of Microorganisms in
  • Contaminated Human Heart Valves.”
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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The following are a set of guidelines for COVID-19 prevention in the medical facilities. Dior Ghafil complies with all of them.

Screening and Testing

Everyone is screened for symptoms before entering. The staff is also tested regularly. A person with signs of infection is immediately separated before coming into contact with others.

Protective Equipment

Everyone wears masks, except children under the age of 12. Staff members also use protective equipment during treatments.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly. They are also properly ventilated. The staff sanitizes their hands before and after interacting with each patient.

Social Distancing

The number of people allowed in the facilities is kept to a minimum and the 2-meter physical distancing rule is practiced.

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