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Doctor Thierry Appelboom has been a rheumatologist since 1976, specialist in osteoarthritis, arthritis and osteoporosis. Between studies, academic research and professional experiences, his career is very rich. Indeed, he studied at the Free University of Brussels, at the University of Paris, as well as at Mc Gill University. He holds a doctorate in medicine, a specialist diploma in rheumatology, in Physical Medicine and in Revalidation and he was an aggregate of higher education. He has participated in more than 250 international congresses and has published 180 articles in international journals. Finally, he also worked at St Pierre, Erasme, Molière-Longchamp and Brugmann hospitals in Brussels, at the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris, and at the general Hospital of Montreal. You can find him at the Molière Longchamp hospital and at the Mustaert Chaussée Romaine medical center.

Specialties - Thierry Appelboom

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis


Diagnosis and therapeutic proposals


CV - Thierry Appelboom


  • Doctor in Medicine Diploma in 1971
  • Specialist Diploma in Rheumatology, Physical Medicine and Revalidation in 1976
  • Aggregate of Higher Education in 1980


  • Doctor Thierry Appelboom practiced at St Pierre, Erasme, Molière-Longchamp and Brugmann hospitals in Brussels, at Hôpital Lariboisière in Paris, at Montreal general Hospital in Canada.

Participation in conferences

  • Dr. Thierry Appelboom has participated in more than 250 international congresses as a speaker or as session chairman.

Spoken languages

  • Français
  • English
  • Nederlands

Academic Research and Publications

  • Dr. Thierry Appelboom has published 180 articles in international journals on the immunology of polyarthritis and related conditions, on clinical studies of new therapeutic modalities.
  • He has also written 20 chapters in medical treaties, a thesis to obtain the title of associate of higher education, writing the course of rheumatology for medical students.

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Thierry Appelboom

Thierry Appelboom

Centre médical Mustaert Chaussée Romaine, BE Chaussée Romaine, Strombeek-Bever
Thierry Appelboom

Thierry Appelboom

Rhumatologie Hôpital Molière Longchamp, Rue Marconi 182, Brussels
EU Greece ESPA 2011 - 2014

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