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Therapy supports you in processing situations in difficult times from a deeper perspective, in order to see these difficulties as lessons and what you can learn from them. It can also be a safe place for personal development, growth and spiritual discovery. Healing trauma is like coming home, where our life mission appears along the way and gives direction to our talents and strengths.

Body-oriented methods can help you integrate other cognitive processing processes that you have already done or are doing, without going into the story too much or focusing on the past.

My approach in this form of therapy is one of compassion, empathy and a collaboration between me and the client, who strives to find new insights in their life that will allow progress.

As a trauma therapist, I often see that a small positive change can make a world of difference in the long term in someone's life. By effectively processing and integrating difficult issues, one reconnects with strength and vibrancy that one could not otherwise address. Then it becomes possible to say 'yes' to everything that life offers and this with more resilience and clarity.

Which sessions do I offer?
Treatment and Prevention of Chronic Stress
Somatic Experiencing: Body-directed Trauma Therapy
Bodywork: specifically aimed at customers who have a longer path to travel in TouchStudio
Relaxation Therapy and Soma

For whom?
For people interested in dealing with the following themes:

anxiety and depression: panic attacks, low self esteem, mood swings, social anxiety, eating disorders
trauma: loss of loved ones, victims of bullying, shock, separation anxiety, emotional or sexual abuse, car accident, counseling before and after operations, victims of natural disasters / war / PTSD
relational: difficult relationships, breaking up, loneliness, sexual identity, long-term shame and vulnerability, tendencies to transgressive behavior, learning to open up to a new partner
work and career: chronic stress , (failure) anxiety and work-related burnout
High sensitivity: conscious choices to set boundaries, learning from your intuition and your own wisdom, acceptance and appreciation of your gifts and your weaknesses.
Spirituality: finding meaning in your quest and life mission.

Specialties - Savera Noriega

  • Body-oriented Trauma Therapy
  • Somatic Psychology en Psychotherapy - Somatic Experiencing
  • Codependency - Inner child work


Body-oriented Trauma Therapy


  • Mechelsesteenweg 156, Antwerp
  • Rue Emile Claus 9, Brussels

CV - Savera Noriega


  • Bachelor Psychology - 1999 - Universidad Nacional Automa de Mexico


  • Praktijkhuis Senses - 2009

Participation in conferences

  • Body-oriented Therapy

Organisations member

  • Stichting Lichaamsgerichte Traumatherapie Nederland
  • European Association of Somatic Experiencing

Spoken languages

  • English
  • Nederlands
  • Español
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