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Karmen Schiettecatte works as a clinical psychologist and systems therapist in Merelbeke. She holds a master's degree in psychology - major in clinical psychology from the University of Ghent. She has chosen to follow a therapy course, which allows her to work more specifically with the questions that arise in practice. The various therapeutic currents in psychology have a similar basis but also have their own accents. For systemic therapists, the emphasis is on the person in his context. In therapy we explore together the difficulties and concerns that have an influence, based on the communication and interaction patterns used in relation to the other person.

Specialties - Karmen Schiettecatte

  • Systemic Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Family Therapy


Clinical psychologist

Additional expertises

Emotion regulation

Patient Reviews

Verified reviews from real patients

Clear information on the pathology
Clear information on the side effects


  • Oude Gaversesteenweg 13, Merelbeke
  • Chrysantenstraat 21, Merelbeke

CV - Karmen Schiettecatte


  • Master's degree in psychology - specialisation clinical psychology 2020 (Ghent University)


  • Teacher general education in Syntra (learning time/dual learning)
  • Centre for general welfare (CAW)

Organisations member

  • Vlaamse vereniging van klinisch psychologen (VVKP)
  • Psychologencommissie en aspirant lid van de BVRGS

Spoken languages

  • Nederlands

Academic Research and Publications

  • My master's thesis was about emotion regulation
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