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  • Doctoranytime does not provide the website content (photos and texts). The practitioner agrees to provide all the content necessary to Doctoranytime in order to create the website. Once the content has been received and validated, Doctoranytime undertakes to provide the website within one month. Once the website has been delivered, any modification will be invoiced at 60 euros excl. VAT / hour. It is important to note that the website is an extension of and that therefore Doctoranytime SPRL will remain the owner of the site even if the practitioner terminates his contract. The practitioner agrees to provide his information within the next 30 days, except in special conditions. Otherwise, the invoicing of the website will start 3 months after the date of signature of the contract. Simple or personalized website
  • Doctoranytime gives the practitioner (s) the opportunity to be visible to visitors to In any case, Doctoranytime cannot guarantee in any way the contribution of new patients to its practitioners.
  • Visibility on the platform on its website / profile as well as the use that is made of it, including for any financial loss that may result.
  • Doctoranytime declines any responsibility concerning the information disseminated by the Practitioner
  • Doctoranytime declines any responsibility concerning the information disseminated by the Practitioner
    • A good quality profile picture
    • His CV (positions occupied and durations)
    • His availabilities in order to configure the agenda
  • Correspond appointments added by the practitioner in his calendar himself for his own appointments. SMS correspond to SMS sent to patients who have made an appointment via the platform.Invoices are paid by . Billing is also annual and not monthly. We will ask you to provide your bank details during the first payment request via Email. The payment period is 5 days maximum from the date of receipt of any invoice.
    The “back end” SMS
    Front end
    direct debit via credit cards
  • In case of non-payment of any invoice within 3 months of the due date, the buyer will be liable to the seller, ipso jure and without prior notice, interest in the amount of the following rate: 10 %. Any invoice unpaid on the due date will result in the debit, as of right and without notice, of a lump sum (part not published in the evaluation version of the contract) of 10% of the principal sum, with a minimum amount of 50 euros.
  • In the event of judicial recovery of any invoice, the purchaser will also be liable for reasonable collection costs, such as legal fees and internal management costs which exceed the amount of this lump sum indemnity.
  • This contract is governed by Belgian law. The courts of the Brussels district will have jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.
  • The site is the property of DOCTORANYTIME MANAGEMENT LTD, Reg. number ΗΕ 380332, address at Diagorou 4, Kermia House, Floor 4, Flat/Office 404, 1097, Nicosia, Cyprus
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