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Online agenda for physicians and paramedics

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A tailored internet profile

  • Benefit from an optimal SEO with a qualified patient base.
  • Share essential informations with your patients.
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Verified patient information
Block non-punctual patients
GDPR-compliant data server

Patient feedbacks are excellent. I don't understand why this way of making appointments didn't exist before now!

— Dr. Jacques Duchateau, Plastic surgeon.

Manual or automatic? Set up your own confirmation system.

Both options are configurable for specific time slots or types of consultation

Appointment request
The appointment is confirmed!
Manual confirmation
Appointment request
Email validation
The appointment is confirmed!

Integrate our booking plugin into your website.

  • Real-time display of your availabilities on your website.
  • Smooth access to consultations thanks to multiple appointment booking channels.

Two telephone service options according to your needs.

  • A support to help patients struggling to make online appointments.
  • A customisable medical hotline service to handle larger call volumes.
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Emails and SMS for your patients

Access information to your surgery and interactive Google map.
Integrated communication system to share instructions.
Centralisation of useful information for patients.
Emails and/or SMS for a better deliverability.
Automatic prevention of changes (schedules, practitioners, etc.)
Synchronisation of data between your devices.

Patient Database

Keep track of your appointments and store your patients data safe on a GDPR-compliant server

database patient online booking
  • Quickly find information thanks to the smart patient search engine.
  • Share the database with other practitioners within the same medical center.
  • Experience the fastest way to create appointments.
  • Archive all your appointments and patient information.
  • Insert medical comments on patient files.
  • Upload all your documents into a private patient profile.
  • Blacklist non-punctual patients. Configurable blacklisting system.
  • Synchronise patient data with your DMI.

Your online platform, always under your control.

Access to all the essential statistics in real time.

Monthly email recap
Statistics of your profile
Statistics of appointments
Statistics of phone requests
Accounting module
Export to an Excel/CSV file

Immediate help at anytime !

doctoranytime strength: a team always at your disposal.

Our staff is here to help you, anytime! If you encounter difficulties, we will be happy to help you by phone, instant chat, video conference or screen sharing. Our team can also meet you at your office if needed. From Monday to Friday.

The doctoranytime team is dynamic, young, responsive and efficient.

— Dr. Lokman Cifci, General Practitioner.

You are in safe hands.

Every piece of data used for the functioning of doctoranytime is encrypted on a secure medical server. In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), no personal data will ever be communicated to a third-party without your explicit consent.

Any more question?

Our team is here to help you.

Justin Barthelemy Country Manager
Corentin Botin Operation Manager
Edouard Fay Head of Business Development
Lisa Walleghem Business Developer Manager
Thomas Gerard Senior Business Development Manager
Dean Sundermann Senior Business Development Manager
Marine Dechamps Account Manager
Bart Hanot Business Developer Manager

Partner Terms and conditions

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What is telesecretary?

The telesecretary gives you the opportunity to delegate phone calls to a qualified that will manage phone booking appointment for you.

A service adaptable to your call volume, a personalised answer to the patient's call in less than 30 seconds.

A partner organization specializing in the medical sectors, with a long experience in call centers and open from 7 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday.

The interlocutors are all located in Belgium, and speak French, Dutch, English and German.

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