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What exactly is doctoranytime?

For the patient, doctoranytime is a directory of connected healthcare professionals. This allows them to find a practitioner and book an appointment directly online 24/7.

For the practitioner, doctoranytime is a complete appointment management tool that offers the user many useful features on a daily basis.

I am a healthcare professional: how do I subscribe myself?

Nothing could be easier: join us and benefit from a free interview in your office before any commitment from your side!

Is my data protected?

Your medical agenda access is protected through a SSL certificate. Thus, your data are encrypted and secured. You own them and you can retrieve your entire database at any time.

What if I have already a website?

doctoranytime allows you to optimize your website by offering an appointment scheduling module with your availabilities at any time. In addition, your doctoranytime page, which is connected to your website, reinforces its SEO.

Can we have access and manage our agenda through mobile and digital tablet?

Aware of the doctors mobility, our online agenda is clearly optimised for a mobile use. Consult, add, displace or remove any appointment easily with your smartphone. Your patient database is also accessible from your smartphone.

Is it possible to add several practices on my account?

Of course. You can manage all your places of consultations on the same agenda ! Patients can also book an appointment in all your practices from the same page.

If some of your secretariats are already working with an online calendar, it is quite possible to synchronize it to offer online appointments.

Does my web page comply with the code of ethics?

Yes ! The doctoranytime site complies with the code of ethics.

Your doctoranytime page complies too and you remain responsible for the information you add.

Is the installation not too complicated?

The installation of doctoranytime is very simple, it is entirely supported by our employees.

The use of the tool is intuitive, training is done directly in your office by someone from our team.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by phone, instant chat, videoconference or screen sharing. In addition, our advice is also available in your practice. From Monday to Friday.

Is doctoranytime free for patients?

Yes ! Doctoranytime is free for the patients to enjoy the majority of our services.
However, the Medical Chat and the consultations for which the Online Payment is activated, are a subject to a fee.

Will doctoranytime replace my secretary?

The tool has also been designed with the help of secretaries in the optics to facilitate their daily lives.

This allows them to reduce the time they spend managing appointments and incoming phone calls.

Can patients book an appointment for a relative? (children, parents, third parties)

doctoranytime makes it possible to offer online appointments for everyone. It is possible to associate patients to a user account in order to make an appointment for his child for example.

This appointment is also in line with the new personal data protection regulations (RGPD).

In addition, the information of the associated patients will also be in your database.

Does doctoranytime work on Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Yes ! doctoranytime works on all media and operating systems.

You Just need an internet connection.

Any more question?

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Corentin Botin Operation Manager
Edouard Fay Head of Business Development
Lisa Walleghem Business Developer Manager
Thomas Gerard Senior Business Development Manager
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Marine Dechamps Account Manager
Bart Hanot Business Developer Manager

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