Medical Online Agenda

Designed with health professionals — intelligent, powerful, and flexible.


Easy to handle.

organizer medical planning simple easy custom

The agenda is perfectly adapted to computers, very practical to use, and patients can easily book an appointment. It's also very useful to be able to communicate with my patients. I can notify them of my availabilities or busy periods.

— Charlotte Hautain, General Practitioner.

A tailor-made agenda.

Designed by and for health professionals.

Choose your
own style

Set up
the agenda display

Personnalise your
working hours

Alter the agenda
to your practice

Easily access
to information

Filter by surgery, practitioner and consultation

Save time for your patients.

organizer medical planning online custom
  • Smart patients search
  • Automatic adjustment of appointments duration according to the type of consultation
  • Set up recurring appointments (entirely configurable)
  • Create group appointments

Make the management of appointments easy.

Modify or move an appointment

Remove or reschedule an appointment

Copy/paste an appointment

Program email to inform your patients

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Inform when you're available — or that you're too busy right now.

organizer medical online booking
  • Create exceptional availabilities
  • Set up busy periods
  • Print your planning on paper

doctoranytime is really practical, easy to use and very functional. I can change the availability of an appointment in just a few clicks.

— Secretary of Dr. Vochelle, Dermatologist.

Your agenda always under your control.

doctoranytime allows you to personalise and control your online booking system:

  • Limit appointment booking for some patients, or some conditions — blacklists, non-punctual patients, minor patients or new patients, etc.
  • Define when and where you provide your types of consultation, for example — block appointment booking for blood examination during the afternoon, etc.
  • Configure specific instructions for each type of appointment, for example — "for colonoscopy, here is a list of allowed food to be observed: (...)"
  • Choose the fields that the patients need to fill before an appointment — SSN, address, postcode
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A single agenda for every surgeries

Compare and filter availabilities for each surgery.
(unlimited number of surgeries)

Shared agenda among collaborators

You can share the agenda of documents with your secretary or other practitioners. It is accessible to all at the same time.

doctoranytime is very good, it's easy to use and functional. I can change the availability of an appointment in just a few clicks.

— Dr. Theodoros Petranis, Urologist.


The agenda can be synchronised with other calendars. Create an appointment or an event on your personal agenda and find it instantly on doctoranytime, and vice versa. You do not have to change all your habits.

Medical and paramedical softwares

Import and sync all your data (agenda and database) from you software and save time for your patients. doctoranytime is already compatible to several medical softwares, contact us to know if yours is covered.

Your agenda, everywhere.

organizer medical support smatphone computer
  • On all your devices — PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • On the move or on a business trip? Your agenda can be found inside your pocket.

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