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Dr Marie Hechtermans is a sports doctor. Her goal is to allow you to practice your discipline in a fulfilling way, while staying safe. She accompanies you on the curative plan, in the event of injuries, but also preventive, for the examinations of non-contraindication. In case of pre-existing pathology, she can advise you to choose a physical activity that would suit you best. She performs first-line ultrasound in the office. She has also completed additional training in underwater and hyperbaric medicine and is equipped to practice rest and stress ECGs, as well as spirometry. She works within the multidisciplinary teams of the Jourdan Medical Center and Uperform Etterbeek. She receives you in French, Dutch and English. She also works part-time as a teacher in higher education.

Specialties - Marie Hechtermans

  • Sport traumatology
  • Exercise Medicine
  • Subaquatic and Hyperbaric medicine


  • Rue du Grand Duc 13, Etterbeek
  • Uperform - Balanced Sports Clinic, Rue de la Gare 42, Etterbeek

CV - Marie Hechtermans


  • Musculoskelettal Echography (Dynamecho - 2019)
  • Sports Medicine (UCL - ULiège - 2019)
  • Hyperbaric and Subaquatic Medicine (ULB - 2019)
  • General Medicine (UCL - 2018)
  • Echography (SSMG - 2017)
  • Certificate ONE - young children follow-up (UCL - 2017)
  • Spirometry (SSMG - 2016)
  • Electrocardiography (UCL - 2016)


  • HE2B - ISEK : teacher

Organisations member

  • Groupement Belge des Omnipracticiens - Secrétaire Générale Adjointe
  • Association des Médecins Généralistes du Sud-Est - Conseil d'Administration

Spoken languages

  • Français
  • English
  • Nederlands
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