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Claudia Ucros is a psychologist, trained in experimental and social psychology at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in the humanist and experiential stream psycho-bodily approach (Bioenergetic analysis, Claudia Ucros has deepened the field of psycho-trauma thanks to her experience at the Belgian Federal Police Stressteam and in continuous training. Throughout her career, Claudia Ucros offers a place of intersection between the analytical and humanistic dimensions of bioenergetic analysis and understanding neuro-cognitive emotions. The body is perceived as a whole including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components. Regulation of the Self and of emotions through self-body regulation and through the therapeutic relationship (intersubjective regulation) occupies an important place in her therapeutic work. The Healing Arts method ,which she created, articulates and includes in psychotherapeutic work of Self and emotions regulation the energetical and vibratory dimensions of the being. This method was designed to help people become independent regarding their management of themselves and their emotions.

Specialties - Claudia Ucros

  • Psycho-physical psychotherapy
  • Psychotherapy of trauma
  • Psychotherapy of emotions


Clinical psychologist


Couples, Adults, Psychotraumatology, Adolescents for psychotraumatology, stress and emotion management


  • Les Magnolias Centre de Santé Holistique, Rue Mareyde 35, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
  • Le 35 Centre de Psychothérapies, Rue de la Chapelle Saint-Donat 35, Namur

CV - Claudia Ucros


  • License in psychology 1986 at UCLouvain
  • Psychotherapist in Bioenergetic Analysis 2001 at International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis
  • Holder of the CEP (Certificate of European Psychotherapist).


  • Clinical psychologist in the USA (1989-1990) in a Community Mental Health Center
  • Clinical psychologist at the Federal Police Stressteam (1997-2006)

Spoken languages

  • Français
  • English
  • Español

Academic Research and Publications

  • Ucros, C. (2014) La « Fenêtre de Tolérance » de Daniel Siegel : Un modèle signifiant en analyse bioénergétique pour la régulation des états internes, Le corps et l'analyse, 15.
  • Ucros, C. (2010) Mise à l’épreuve du corps du thérapeute, Le corps et l'analyse, 11 123-140.
  • Ucros, C. (2004) Approche somatique du trauma. Un autre regard psychothérapeutique?
  • Somatic approach of posttraumatic stress disorders, another psychotherapeutic viewpoint? Stress et Trauma, 4, 121-128.
  • Ucros, C. (2004) L'analyse bioénergétique et les troubles psychotraumatiques. Le corps et l'analyse, 5, 75-92.
  • Ucros, C. (2003) Visite à la Croix-Rouge colombienne et à la Fundacion Pais Libre de Colombie : Deux expériences des interventions autour des traumas psychiques. Le Journal International de Victimologie, 2 (1), pages -
  • Ucros, C. (2003) Traitement psychothérapeutique d'un syndrôme postraumatique à la police fédérale : exemple d'une approche somatique. Le Journal International de
  • Victimologie, 1 (2), 7 pages -
  • Ucros, C. G. (1989) Mood state-dependent memory: A meta analysis. Cognition and Emotion, 3, 139-167.
  • Rimé, B., Ucros, C., Bestgen, Y., Jeanjean, Y. (1989) Type A behaviour pattern: specific coronary risk factor or general disease-prone condition? British Journal of Medical Psychology, 62, 229-240.

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Claudia Ucros

Claudia Ucros

Les Magnolias Centre de Santé Holistique, Rue Mareyde 35, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
Claudia Ucros

Claudia Ucros

Le 35 Centre de Psychothérapies, Rue de la Chapelle Saint-Donat 35, Namur
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