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I truly believe that when we assume responsibility over our own emotions and are willing to make changes to feel better, committing to therapy can help us heal and grow. One of my personal strengths for my own work and development, besides my studies in psychology and multiple trainings, has been my psychotherapy process. I could invest on this journey of self- awareness and personal growth a period of four years. With these resources I can kindly give you a hand and accompany you to direct your life in the way that you wish for. I believe in the power of developing a higher self esteem and the personal work with your own emotions as a first step in your growth process.

Specialties - Sudie Martin

  • Boosting your self-esteem, self-confidence and emotional intelligence
  • Healing wounds from the past, mindfulness and working on your mindset.
  • Stress management, burn-out prevention, finding solutions in career difficulties.


Clinical psychologist

Additional expertises

My approach is eclectic so I will tailor make my approach combining cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, gestalt principles, psychodynamic and rational-emotive counseling according to the preference and needs of my patients, clients. I love nature, zen, yoga, art, music and mindfulness. If in your line of interest, we can also connect and find what can make you healthier, happier and holier. I work with teenagers mainly in establishing a better connection with their emotions, boosting their self esteem and inspiring them to reach out for their dreams. My work with couples is oriented to fortify bonds, to have a better connection, to find more constructive approaches in their daily way of living and get more pleasure of living as a couple, as a family. With love it is not enough…sometimes it just begins with listening better…., I am neutral and seek for being objective, no sides taken, apply what works and persevere. For me it is important that my clients can experience a sense of respect and autonomy, value openness and are willing to find solutions to their problems and make compromises in their path to a better well being. Together we can reach the stars!!!


  • Neerstraat 5, Aalter

CV - Sudie Martin


  • IEST. Universidad ANAHUAC (Mexico), graduated as a clinical psychologist. Professional identification number: 1855364
  • Postgraduate studies: Gestalt therapy of game.
  • Burn out coach certificate.


  • Private consultations in my own practice.

Participation in conferences

  • Attended conferences over well-being and emotional intelligence, among others:”Le bonheur" with Isabelle Filliozat and followed a meditation workshop with Prof. Steven Laureys (How can we achieve more self-awareness through meditation), as well as congresses in psychology. Symposium: Brein; Branie, Burn-out (2018). Symposium: Resources for a ruminating brain:The Brain in Mind (about good brain functioning and burn-out) (2019) (Dr.Luc Swinnen). Online Congress: Competences for the 21st century (2021).

Spoken languages

  • English
  • Español
  • Nederlands
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