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Magali Bouillon is qualified psychologist since 2011 in the University of Liège and recognized by the Committee of Psychologists. Approval number: 862214377. During his professional career, Magali wanted to form the master specialization and university certificate in psychotherapy at UCL to have psychotherapeutic tools to the comprehensive care of patients . It also followed a course and obtained a degree actress in a New York Conservatory. Formed in integrative psychology, clinical practice is based on a scientific approach! Its therapeutic interventions are based on solid theoretical and validated psychotherapeutic tools. Magali is formed to cognitive and behavioral therapies, systemic and others. It adapts and uses its therapeutic tools depending on the person and his or her application problematic. His work is focused on two areas that feed one and the other: 1.Difficultés psychological - stress - depression - anxiety disorders - emotional management - burnout - self esteem - phobias - mourning - ... Magali used to work with children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. What is psychological counseling? To objectify what we saw. Consultation helps to step back and to better understand what happens to us. It allows to also talk to someone neutral in a context which is neutral. When talking to friends or relatives is important, it is an excellent support but it sometimes remains delicate because they are part of our lives. They can take part, which can create some discomfort. In fact, check this is to have a place to itself without judgment, without prejudice, without stereotype. 2. Supports patient with breast cancer. For a year and a half, Magali Bouillon works in the Center of Senology Crevecoeur Drs. His first objective was to observe the consultations announcement of results from Dr. Crevecoeur (discovery of a breast cancer, explanation therapeutic care). Following this consultation Ad psychological counseling is offered and supported financially by the center. However after treatment, psychological counseling is sometimes advisable. The medical appointments (treatments, specialists, etc ...) are terminated, the surround may be less present and potential scarring and / or side effects of surgery such as mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction (body image, pain, femininity, etc ..) persist. It was during this period that the person may feel unease and loneliness. Also taking the hormone therapy can have secondary effects. A depressive feelings can appear and promote the premature termination of an essential treatment to the patient. An alternative could bring these people to continue to receive aid, a different part of the hospital is proposed in our center with an attraction for the well being. Magali has three center to receive you. If you can not find time slots for you, feel free to contact me by phone. Possibility of reimbursement by the mutual. All appointments canceled within 24 hours will be due. Thanks for your understanding.
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Specialties - Magali Bouillon

  • Enfants, Ados, Adultes, Familles
  • Estime de soi, gestion des émotions, dépression, burnout, phobies, troubles anxieux, ...
  • Médiation familiale


Clinical psychologist, Children, Teenager

Additional expertises

Psychothérapeute, Médiatrice, Comédienne

Patient Reviews

Verified reviews from real patients

Cleanliness of the practice
Clear information on the pathology
Clear information on the side effects


  • Centre de Sénologie Drs Crèvecoeur, Boulevard Piercot 18, Liège
  • Rue de Ninane 52, Beaufays
  • Boulevard d'Avroy 288, Liège

CV - Magali Bouillon


  • 2018: Formation de base à la médiation, spécialisation en médiation familiale, sensibilisation à la médiation organisationnelle, Province de Liège, agrée par la commission fédérale de médiation.
  • 2015-2018: Diplômée du Master de Spécialisation et Certificat Universitaire, Évaluation et interventions psychologiques – psychothérapie à l’UCL.
  • 2011-2012: Diplômée d’art dramatique au conservatoire New York Film Academy à New-York.
  • 2009-2011: Diplômée Master en sciences psychologiques à l’ULg.
  • 2006-2009: Diplômée du Bachelier en sciences psychologiques et de l’éducation à l’ULg

Participation in conferences

  • 2018 : Dépression résistante : au-delà des idées reçues par le Dr Daniel SOUERY - Dépression résistante : vers une approche personnalisée par le Dr William PITCHOT - Modérateur : Dr Renaud JAMMAER.
  • 2017 : "Les cancers du sein" de la Fondation Contre le Cancer - Modératrices : Professeur Fabienne Liebens (CHU Saint-Pierre, Bruxelles), Madame Marie-Claire Hames (Europa Donna Belgium).

Organisations member

  • Agrée par la Commission des Psychologues
  • Agrée toutes mutuelles et Solidaris

Spoken languages

  • Français
  • English
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