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A podiatrist is concerned with the biomechanics of the foot and the upper joints for the proper functioning of the foot.

The feet are the base of the body ! If the position is not correct, complaints can often arise. These are therefore not only on the foot but it can also be on the knee, hip or back. Podological soles have the biggest advantage that they effectively correct the foot position.

For complaints to the nails or skin of the foot, you can also contact a podiatrist. Some examples : ingrowing toenail, magpie eye, blue nail, inflamed toe, callus, thickened nails (lime nail).

Specialties - Stephanie Hendrickx

  • Podological soles: For correct positioning of the foot and equal pressure distribution for the body.
  • Biomechanical examination and gait analysis : A correct foot position can affect the whole body. Pain in the knee, hip or lower back can occur from the foot.
  • Diabetes: An emerging problem that can reduce feeling in the foot. That's why it is important to check with the podiatrist twice a year.


Sport, Diabetes and Rheumatism


Podological foot care, nail braces, silicone orthoses, custom-made flip-flops




Podological foot care

Podological soles

Silicone orthoses

Walkanalysis and biomechanical research


CV - Stephanie Hendrickx


  • Graduated in June 2017


  • Own practice in Nieuwenrode

Spoken languages

  • Nederlands

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Stephanie Hendrickx

Stephanie Hendrickx

Stephanie Hendrickx Podoloog, Paddegatstraat 97, Nieuwenrode
EU Greece ESPA 2011 - 2014

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