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Thibault Cramesnil is a physiotherapist qualified in the management of musculoskeletal pathologies, chronic pain and sports physiotherapist. His practice is based on effective and proven techniques and on the best scientific evidences. His ten years of experience with the human body in action will guide you in improving your rehabilitation.

Specialties - Thibault Cramesnil

  • Musculoskeletal condition rehabilitation (back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain,...)
  • Chronic diseases (Stroke, Parkinson, fibromyalgia ...)
  • Exercise medicine : rehabilitation with adapted physical activity


Manual therapy, Sports physiotherapy, General

Additional expertises

Manual therapy : head and neck pain, chronic pain, Mulligan skills; Dry Needling, Blood Flow Restriction and sensorimotor control

Patient Reviews

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Cleanliness of the practice
Clear information on the pathology
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  • Myformphysio Overijse, Brusselsesteenweg 541, Overijse
  • Avenue des paquerettes 55, bâtiment 40, Waterloo



  • Since 2019 : Manual Therapy at HELB Ilya Prigogine [IFOMPT]
  • 2021 : Blood Flow Restriction (Kaatsu)
  • 2021 : Online formation EXOS and Phil Sizer : sensorimotor control
  • 2020 : Muligan skills : inferior and superior limbs
  • 2020 : Vestibular issues : Vertige Instabilité Rééducation Enseignement (V.I.R.E) (still in formation)
  • 2020 : Dry Needling Top 30
  • 2020 : Nutritional strategies and recovery for performance improvment by Yann Le Meur @ylmsportscience
  • 2019 : Master in physiotherapy and reeducation at Université de Louvain
  • 2014 : Licence in Sciences and Technics of Sports and Physical Activities (STSPA), option education and motricity, speciality tennis at Université Claude Bernard de Lyon


  • 2020 : Maison de repos Atrium à Crainhem
  • Depuis 2019: "École du dos", Professeur de Tennis et Personnal Trainer au Castle Club de Wezembeek Opem
  • 2019 : Clinique Saint Jean méridien en neurologie et orthopédie
  • 2019 : Hopital Saint-Luc en kinésithérapie maxilo-facial et neuropédiatrie

Participation in conferences

  • Congrès inter-universitaire sur les avancées scientifiques dans les pathologies sportives (2019)
  • Prise en charge des céphalées cervicogéniques (2019)
  • La communication thérapeutique (2019)
  • Les critères de retour au sport (2019)
  • La prise en charge du syndrôme femoro-patélaire (2018)

Spoken languages

  • Français
  • English
  • Español

Academic Research and Publications

  • Chronic pain with central sensitization care (fibromyalgia, chronic low back pain, chronic neck pain and type 1 CRPS) with play-based virtual reality exercises
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