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Laurence Couturiaux is a physiotherapist with 3 years experience. She specializes in general but also respiratory physiotherapy. She obtained a master in physiotherapy in 2015 to high school Leonardo da Vinci. She then obtained a specialization in adult and infant physiotherapy in 2016. She is currently Rue Emile Dury 220 1410 Waterloo. Home visits are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays afternoon, Waterloo and Braine l'Alleud. Go ahead and make an appointment now!
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Specialties - Laurence Couturiaux

  • Kinésithérapie respiratoire
  • 3 ans d'expérience


Pediatric therapy, Cardiovascular - Respiratory therapy, General

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  • Rue Emile Dury, 220, Waterloo

CV - Laurence Couturiaux


  • 2015: Master en kinésithérapie de la haute école Léonard de Vinci (Parnasse Deux Alice)
  • 2016: Spécialisation en kinésithérapie respiratoire adulte et pédiatrique (UCL)
  • 2017: Formations pour les cervicalgies(UCL)
  • 2018: Thérapie des tissus mous (IAO)
  • En cours: Ostéopathie (IAO)

Spoken languages

  • Français

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Laurence Couturiaux

Laurence Couturiaux

Rue Emile Dury, 220, Waterloo
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