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Wladimir Degenève graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles with great distinction and is accredited by the Belgian health insurance companies. His goal is to relieve you of your pain using traditional techniques but also using certain innovative techniques that allow him to have a global approach to the treatment of pathologies. Thus, Wladimir Degenève uses a wide range of techniques during his consultations: high velocity low amplitude (HVBA), myotensive, fascial, neurodynamic, respiratory, visceral or a massage gun, myo-aponeurotic fibrolysis, suction cups, dry needling and nutritherapy. You can consult him for an emergency, chronic pain or digestive disorders. Through his personal and professional experience, Wladimir Degenève has extensive expertise in chronic neck and back pain. Make an appointment online now! For optimal treatment, here are some suggestions for scheduling appointments (all appointments made are cancelable if not needed): Book 1 appointment if you have a "small blockage" felt as discomfort and/or pain, if you want a check-up or if you want a general osteopathic treatment. Book 2 appointments (the 2nd one 4 to 5 days after the 1st one) if you suffer from acute pain such as a torticollis or a lumbago. Book 3 appointments (1 week apart except for the last one which is 2 weeks apart from the second last one) if you suffer from chronic pain such as chronic neck pain or chronic low back pain. Book 4 appointments (1 week apart except for the last one, which is 2 weeks apart from the second last one) if you suffer from complex chronic pain that is resistant to previous treatments or if you suffer from fibromyalgia. Time slots are always available for emergencies. If you do not find availability quickly, do not hesitate to call 0472 25 47 04, Wladimir Degenève will answer you as soon as possible.

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Specialization and Experience

  • Pediatrics
  • General osteopathy
  • Cupping
  • Myofascial syndrome
  • Acupuncture
  • Osteopathic emergencies
  • Stress complaints
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Access Information

  • Wladimir Degenève Vivier D'Oie, Chaussée de Waterloo, 1159C, Uccle
    • Private parking available



  • Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)+Bachelor in motor sciences, osteopathy orientation 2015-2018+Master in motor sciences, osteopathy orientation 2018-2020+Master of osteopathy specialization 2020-2021+Sutherland College of Osteopathic Medicine (SCOM)+Pediatric applied osteopathy, Module 1 2021+Pediatric Osteopathy, Module 2 2021+Centre Francophone de Nutrithérapie Appliquée (CFNA)+Nutritherapy Training 2020-2022
  • Master en sciences de la motricité, orientation ostéopathie
  • Master de spécialisation en ostéopathie
  • Ostéopathie appliquée à la pédiatrie, module 1
  • Ostéopathie appliquée à la pédiatrie, module 2
  • Nutrithérapie
  • Cupping (ventouses)
  • Acupuncture

Professional experience

  • Osteopath at the Centre de Réadaptation de l'Appareil Locomoteur (CRAL), Erasmus Hospital+Osteopath at the Back School, Erasmus Hospital+Assistant in spine surgery consultation, CHU Saint-Pierre+Assistant at the La Perche clinic+Assistant for the supervision of practical work of physiotherapy and osteopathy students
  • Ostéopathe à l'école du dos, Hôpital Erasme
  • Assistant en consultation de chirurgie de la colonne vertébrale, CHU Saint-Pierre
  • Assistant au dispensaire de La Perche
  • Assistant pour l'encadrement des travaux pratiques des étudiants en kinésithérapie et ostéopathie

Organisations member

  • Union Professionnelle des Ostéopathes de Belgique (UPOB)+European Federation and Forum for Osteopathy (EFFO)+Groupement National Représentatif des Professionnels de l'Ostéopathie (GNRPO)
  • European Federation and Forum for Osteopathy (EFFO)
  • Groupement National Représentatif des Professionnels de l'Ostéopathie (GNRPO)

Participation in conferences

  • Nutrition, micronutrition and nutritherapy+Neuroscience, neurophysiopathology, neurotransmitters+Stress management coaching
  • Ventousothérapie, acupuncture, médecine traditionnelle chinoise
  • Nutrition, micronutrition et nutrithérapie
  • Neurosciences, neurophysiopathologie, neurotransmetteurs
  • Gestion du stress

Spoken languages

  • French

Academic Research and Publications

  • Reliability and validity study of thoracolumbar stiffness palpation in axial rotation+Influence of vegan diet on inflammatory biomarkers
  • Influence du régime végétalien sur les biomarqueurs inflammatoires


What is the address of the practitioner Wladimir Degenève?

The practitioner Wladimir Degenève is situated at Chaussée de Waterloo, 1159C in Uccle.

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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The following are a set of guidelines for COVID-19 prevention in the medical facilities. Wladimir Degenève complies with all of them.

Screening and Testing

Everyone is screened for symptoms before entering. The staff is also tested regularly. A person with signs of infection is immediately separated before coming into contact with others.

Protective Equipment

Everyone wears masks, except children under the age of 12. Staff members also use protective equipment during treatments.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly. They are also properly ventilated. The staff sanitizes their hands before and after interacting with each patient.

Social Distancing

The number of people allowed in the facilities is kept to a minimum and the 2-meter physical distancing rule is practiced.

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