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Jean-Marie Poffé


NIHDI Number: 20800263003

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Pharmacist specialized in Cellular Nutrition, Dr. Jean-Marie Poffé is recognized as a specialist in the gastrointestinal system and in clinical bacteriology. He has presented at numerous conferences around the world: Osaka, Madrid, Vienna, Rotterdam, Brussels .... A pioneer in the field, I have addressed the topic: 'The relation between the G.I.T and Immunology ' He is fluent in English, French, Dutch and Italian and understands German.

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Specialization and Experience

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Nutritional rehabilitation
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Access Information

  • Nutrition Poffé Jean-Marie, Rue des Rouges-Gorges, 17, Gozée
    • Private parking available
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  • U.C.L+Pharmacist since 1976
  • Pharmacien depuis 1976

Professional experience

  • Dr. Sartenaer's office

Organisations member

  • Rotary+C.E.R.D.E.N (master's degree in progress)+S.I.I.N+Nutergia+Alpha-Pharma+Microbalance+Old Colonials
  • C.E.R.D.E.N (master en cours d'obtention)
  • S.I.I.N
  • Nutergia
  • Alpha-Pharma
  • Microéquilibre
  • Anciens coloniaux

Participation in conferences

  • The relationship between the gastrointestinal system and immunology (conferences in Osaka, Madrid, Vienna, Rotterdam, Brussels)+Speaker: Jean-Marie Poffé.+I have attended many conferences on the gastrointestinal system, the urogenital system, the hormonal system,+the cardiovascular system, the immune system, the S.N.C., the para and ortho-sympathetic system, the bronchopulmonary system, orthopedic accidents, varicose veins and the vascular system, atomic dermatitis, chronic intestinal diseases (C.I.D.)
  • Conférencier : Jean-Marie Poffé.
  • J’ai assisté à de nombreuses conférences sur le système gastro-intestinal, le système uro-génital, le système hormonal,
  • le système cardio-vasculaire, le système immunitaire, le S.N.C, le système para et ortho-sympathique, le système broncho-pulmonaire, les accidents orthopédiques, les varices et le système vasculaire, la dermatite atomique, les maladies chroniques de l’intestin (M.C.I)

Spoken languages

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch

Academic Research and Publications

  • The relation between the G.I.T and Immunology "Dear Jean Marie Poffe, Greetings from AS Medical Sciences journal! I have just finished reading the Abstract of the Conference Paper you wrote entitled "G.I.T. - Immunology" from "International Conference On DIGESTIVE DISEASE". I want to tell you how much I impressed and wish to have your complete work in the journal if it is not published yet or you can submit your new work if you have any in your pipeline. Because you are an eminent expert in Sciences of Medicine. I wanted to share an exclusive news of our journal. AS Medical Sciences has successfully started Volume 6 issue 7 for which we are interested to have your Article and I am confident that your Article will definitely stand as a "Best Article of the Issue". Current Issue: With Kind Regard, Ms. Nidhi Guptha+Acta Scientific Medical Sciences "+Cholesterol+Nutrition and Pregnant Women+Pharmaceutical Plants in my Region (Thuin)+Pre and Pro Biotics+Resorption of Anti-Genic Compounds from the Gut and the Body+Pre and Pro Biotics+Pre and Pro Biotics+Pre and Pro Biotics+Pre and Pro Biotics+Pre and Pro Biotics+Pre and Pro Biotics+Pre and Pro Biotics+Pre and Pro Biotics+Pre and Pro BioticsBiosynthesis of Cortisone and its derivatives+ Biosynthesis of vitamin D+ Biosynthesis of HMGCoenzyme A and the regulation of Cholesterol+ The relationship between Akarmensia and obesity.(from research at the U.C.L Nutrition Unit) +Food supplements+Antibiogram and selective antibiotic therapy+The bio-nutritional profile, what it brings to the diagnosis and treatment of the disease+Interpretation of the bio-nutritional profile (C-H-A-N-B-I-O)+The Jean-Marie Poffé diet
  • Acta Scientific Medical Sciences"
  • Le Cholestérol
  • La nutrition et la femme enceinte
  • Les plantes pharmaceutiques dans ma région (Thuin)
  • Les Pré et les Pro Biotiques
  • La résorption des composés anti-géniques de l’intestin et la stimulation de notre système immunitaire
  • La biosynthèse de la Cortisone et de ses dérivés
  • La biosynthèse de la vitamine D
  • La biosynthèse de HMGCoenzyme A et la régulation du Cholestérol
  • La relation entre Akarmensia et l’obésité.(issu de la recherche à l’U.C.L unité de Nutrition)
  • Les compléments alimentaires
  • l’antibiogramme et l’antibiothérapie sélective
  • Le profile bio-nutritionnel, ce qu’il apporte dans le diagnostic et le traitement de la maladie
  • Interprétation du profile bio-nutritionnel (C-H-A-N-B-I-O)
  • Le régime Jean-Marie Poffé


What is the address of Dr. Jean-Marie Poffé?

Doctor Jean-Marie Poffé is located at Rue des Rouges-Gorges, 17 in Gozée.

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