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Herbert Rooijakkers MD is neurosurgeon, specialized in brain surgery, spine surgery - minimal invasive techniques - epilepsia surgery, pediatric neurosurgery and pain. He works as a neurosurgeon in private practice in CHIREC hospitals in Brussels (Delta & Parc leopold) and as a consultant neurosurgeon at University Hospital Saint-Luc, Brussels using all intraoperative techniques, Artis zeego 3D imaging system, intraoperative 3T MRI, connected with brainlab neuronavigation. He developed a new departement of Neurosurgery in La Louvière (2001) Educated at University and Private hospitals in Maastricht, Antwerp and Brussels. Teaching surgeon for vagus nerve stimulation; First implant in Hopital Militaire de Tunis,Hopital Henri Mondor Créteil, & Universitâtklinik Köln working as consultant for LivaNova, Synergia Medical, Boston Scientific and DePuy-Synthes for Spine

Specialties - Herbert Rooijakkers

  • full neurosurgery: brainsurgery - spine surgery and pain



Additional expertises

neurosurgery : brain spine and pain-surgery

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  • 1984 – 1990 Maastricht University M.D., Medical School
  • 1978 -- 1984 Bisschoppelijk College Weert gymnasium B, Gymnasium bèta


  • Consultant Neurosurgeon
  • University Hospital St-Luc of the Catholic University Louvain, Brussels, Prof. Ch. Raftopoulos
  • Head of Department Neurosurgery, Groupe Jolimont, La Louvière (Dec 2000-Jan 2016)
  • -Creation and development of a new department of Neurosurgery
  • Consultant Neurosurgeon CHIREC private hospital group, Brussels (Feb 2016-)
  • Consultant Neurosurgeon at Brussels Spine Center/ Mirha/ Centre Médical st Vaast

Organisations member

  • Member of the Belgian Society of Neurosurgery
  • Member of Société de Neuro-Chirurgie de Langue Française
  • Member of Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering van de Geneeskunst
  • Member of Advisory Board of 565 electrode in neuromodulation for pain, Medtronic

Spoken languages

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • French
  • Dutch

Academic Research and Publications

  • 1. Vagus Nerve Stimulation-Induced Laryngeal Motor Evoked Potentials: A Possible Biomarker of Effective Nerve Activation.
  • Vespa S, Stumpp L, Bouckaert C, Delbeke J, Smets H, Cury J, Ferrao Santos S, Rooijakkers H, Nonclercq A, Raedt R, Vonck K, El Tahry R.
  • Neurosci. 2019 Aug 27;13:880.
  • 2. Rare Side-Effect of Vagal Nerve Implantation
  • Rooijakkers H, Vanthuyne V, Raftopoulos C
  • Clinics in Surgery 1 2018 | Volume 3 | Article 2032
  • 3. Early experiences with tachycardia-triggered vagus nerve stimulation using the AspireSR stimulator.
  • El Tahry R, Hirsch M, Van Rijckevorsel K, Santos SF, de Tourtchaninoff M, Rooijakkers H, Coenen V, Schulze-Bonhage A.
  • Epileptic Disord. 2016 Jun 1;18(2):155-62.
  • 4. A prospective, multicenter study of cardiac-based seizure detection to activate vagus nerve stimulation.
  • Boon P, Vonck K, van Rijckevorsel K, El Tahry R, Elger CE, Mullatti N, Schulze-Bonhage A, Wagner L, Diehl B, Hamer H, Reuber M, Kostov H, Legros B, Noachtar S, Weber YG, Coenen VA, Rooijakkers H, Schijns OE, Selway R, Van Roost D, Eggleston KS, Van Grunderbeek W, Jayewardene AK, McGuire RM.
  • Seizure. 2015 Nov;32:52-61.
  • 5. Massive postoperative pulmonary embolism in a young woman using oral contraceptives: the value of a preoperative anesthetic consult.
  • Amar S, Van Boven M, Rooijakkers H, Momeni M.Acta
  • Acta Anaesthesiol Belg. 2014;65(2):73-5.
  • 6. Submandibular Approach to the C2-C3 Level: Surgical Technique and Review of 8 Cases
  • V.Vanthuyne G.Koerts H.Rooijakkers M.Delavallée C.Raftopoulos
  • World Neurosurgery Volume 80, Issue 5, November 2013, Page 659
  • 7. Spinal dural arteriovenous fistula presenting with paraplegia following lumbar puncture.
  • Koerts G, Vanthuyne V, Delavallee M, Rooijakkers H, Raftopoulos C.
  • J Neurosurg Spine. 2013 Jul;19(1):57-60
  • 8. Motor cortex stimulation in a three-year-old child with trigeminal neuropathic pain caused by a malignant glioma in the cerebellopontine angle: case report.
  • Delavallee M, Rooijakkers H, Koerts G, Raftopoulos C.
  • Neurosurgery. 2011 Aug;69(2):E494-6.
  • 9. Delayed compressive angiomatous degeneration in a case of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy treated by γ knife radiosurgery: case report.
  • Finet P, Rooijakkers H, Godfraind C, Raftopoulos C.
  • Neurosurgery. 2010 Jul;67(1):218-20;
  • 10.Les fistules artérioveineuses durales rachidiennes. À propos d’une série continue de 7 cas
  • G.Koerts H.Rooijakkers V.VanThuyne M.Delavallée C.Raftopoulos
  • Neurochirurgie Volume 55, Issues 4–5, October 2009, Page 492
  • 11. Dégénérescence angiomateuse retardée suite au traitement d’une épilepsie mésiotemporale par radiochirurgie
  • P.Finet H.Rooijakkers C.Godefraind C.Raftopoulos
  • Neurochirurgie
  • Volume 54, Issue 5, October 2008, Page 675
  • 12. Postoperative spinal adhesive arachnoiditis presenting with hydrocephalus and cauda equina syndrome.
  • Koerts G, Rooijakkers H, Abu-Serieh B, Cosnard G, Raftopoulos C.
  • Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2008 Feb;110(2):171-5.
  • 13. Intravenous magnesium sulfate administration in a patient with refractory vasospasm following subarachnoid hemorrhage.Barile M, van De Wyngaert F, Mbia JJ, Jativa M, Grandin C, Rooijakkers H, Hantson P.
  • Intensive Care Med. 2003 Jul;29(7):1182-5
  • 14. Resultaten van tethered cord operaties na intraoperatieve EMG- monitoring
  • O. Schijns, H. Rooijakkers, E. Beuls.
  • Acta Neurologica Belgica 118-119, 2000
  • 15. Central neurocytoma outside the ventricular system: a case report.
  • F. Geffray, H. Rooijakkers, C. Chaskis, A. Michotte, F van Tussenbroek,T. Stadnik, J.D'Haens
  • Acta Neurologica Belgica 302-303, 1998
  • 16. LINAC-Radiochirurgie : resultaten en ervaringen na drie jaar .
  • P. Herregodts, R. Herz, H. Rooijakkers, B. Hermans, D. Berghmans, V. Debois J.D’Haens
  • Acta Neurologica Belgica 164, 1996
  • 17. Cerebrale amyloid angiopathie en het cerebrale amyloidoma, een casusvoorstelling van drie patienten.
  • H. Rooijakkers, P. Herregodts, B. Hermans, D. Berghmans, H. Hauman, V. Debois
  • Acta Neurologica Belgica 143, 1997
  • 18. Sacrococcygodynie, een behandeling middels neurostimulatie bij een vijftal patienten.
  • H. Rooijakkers, D. Berghmans, B
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