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Dr. Jose Antonio Elosegi, Neurologist, receives you in his private practice in the specialized medical center of Mons for the whole neurology consultation.
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Specialties - Jose Antonio Elosegi

  • Troubles de la mémoire
  • Sclérose en plaques
  • Migraines


Neurologie - Electromyogramme


Costs are indicative and will be determined on a case by case basis


  • Boulevard Sainctelette 92, Mons
COVID-19 Safety Compliance
Τakes all precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus



  • Chef de service de Neurologie à l'Hôpital Ambroise Paré, Mons
  • Maître des stages en Neurologie
  • Consultant de la Polyclinique Le Lothier, Hôpital Erasme, Bruxelles.
  • Ex-Président du Conseil Médicale Hôpital Ambroise Paré, Mons
  • 2010: Présentation au congrès “Spontaneous intracranial hypotension revealing multiples periradicular cysts” au 2nd European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress, Nice, Poster.
  • 2016: Présentation au congrès “Cognitive Disorders in Proteinopathies”, BELGIAN BRAIN COUNCIL, Mons
  • 2019: Présentation au congrès The Beltrims registry: A unique Belgian registry on real-ord safety and eficay data of MS patients treated with new DMTs in Belgium. Poster. European Charcot Foundation
  • 1998: Participation dans l'étude multicentrique « DONEZEPIL ». Pfizer
  • 2002: Participation dans l'étude TRIADE (Procédure de remboursement du donezepil pour généralistes)
  • 2005: Participation dans l'étude comparative Zolmitriptan versus Almotriptan dans les crises de migraine
  • 2009: Participation dans l'étude BEACON, Traitement sclérose en plaques
  • 2016-2018: A phase 2B/3 Randomizd Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Group, Multicenter Study Investigating the Efficacy and Safety of JNJ-54861911 in Subjects who are Asymptomatic At Risk for Developing Alzheimer Dementia

Organisations member

  • Membre de la Société Belge de Neurologie.
  • Membre du Groupe Belge d'étude de la Sclérose en Plaques.
  • Membre de la Societé Européenne de Neurologie.

Spoken languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Academic Research and Publications

  • 1997: «Original Presentation of Weber's Syndrome» Acta Neurologica Belgica – Page 131. J.A. ELOSEGI A.ESPOSITO, G. DEMEURISSE
  • 1998: «A case of Tardive Tremor Successfully Treated with Clozapine» Movements Disorders, Volume 13/ Numéro 5 – Pages: 846-847 F. DELECLUSE, J.A. ELOSEGI, J. M. GERARD.
  • 2001: «Dissection de l'artère vertébral : Une cause rare de céphalées» Journal Européen des Urgences, Vol 14, Pages 186 -188. F. VANTRIMPONT, J.A. ELOSEGI.
  • 2002: «Diagnostique rétrospectif d'une épilepsie génétique» A Head in Neurology, Volume 5, Pages 28-31. J.A. ELOSEGI, J.M. GERARD.
  • 2004: «Novel missense mutation in the caveoilin-3 gene in Belgian family with rippling disease» Journal of Neurology Neurosurg Psychiatry. 75:1349, 10 1136 - 1151. PYK VAN DEN BERG, J.M. GERARD, J.A. ELOSEGI, M.U. MANTO, C. KUBISCH.
  • 2009: «Levodopa for Parkinson Disease» The New England Journal Of Medicine. Volume 360: 935 -936. Correspondence. J.M. GERARD, J.A. ELOSEGI.
  • 2011: «Galantamine once daily outcome ans satisfaction survey in mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease: a study in a real life population.» Geriatr Gerontol Int, 11(3):256-61, Van Puyvelde K, Bier JC, BourgeoisP,Delvaux, P,ELOSEGI JA,Fonteyn
  • 2013: «Une cause rare de céphalées orthostatique» Neurone. Vol 18. Pag 47-49, ELOSEGI JA, Yasmina Bouko, Carine Neugrochl JM Gerard.
  • 2013: «Imaging of epilepsy following electrical injury» Journal Belge de Radiologie, 96 : 81-83, Neugroschl C, ELOSEGI JA and al.
  • 2015: «Sclérose en plaques , accidents vasculaires multiples ou syndrome de Susac» Neurone. Vol 20-N° 2 pag 39-42, JA Elosegi, Paolo Scarfo, Viviana Minichini, Carine Neurgroschl, JM Gerard.
  • 2018: «A case report of rigidity and recurrent lower limb myoclonus : progressive encephalomyelitis rigidity ans myoclounus syndrome a chameleon» BMC Neurology. Article 1176. A. Degeneffe, M. Dagonnier, A D'hondt and J.A. Elosegi.
  • 2019: The Beltrims registry: A unique Belgian registry on real-ord safety and eficay data of MS patients treated with new DMTs in Belgium. Abstract. European Charcot Foundation

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The following are a set of guidelines for COVID-19 prevention in the medical facilities. {0} complies with all of them.

Screening and Testing

Everyone is screened for symptoms before entering. The staff is also tested regularly. A person with signs of infection is immediately separated before coming into contact with others.

Protective Equipment

Everyone wears masks, except children under the age of 12. Staff members also use protective equipment during treatments.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly. They are also properly ventilated. The staff sanitizes their hands before and after interacting with each patient.

Social Distancing

The number of people allowed in the facilities is kept to a minimum and the 2-meter physical distancing rule is practiced.

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