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Meet a person over 30 years of professional experience in individual support and assistance to people is possible ... /> Practitioner hypnosis, meditation and health coach and wellness. Trainer. /> Being practitioner means I use my expertise + 30 years of professional experience of how-to way to a simplicity that is at the heart of the game. /> I remain constantly looking for new techniques and new tools to respond effectively and allow everyone (e) to change and start a new equilibrium path. /> Want to meet a hypnosis practitioner and coach, to be together? /> You are those who think that to better interact with its problems, it is necessary to be with a competent person! /> I am determined to support people who want solutions that are particularly effective in the treatment of depression, addictions, anxiety disorders (phobias, tics, tocs, panic attacks, etc ...), of eating disorders, etc ... /> Enjoy practical and strategic solutions direct you to the HOW rather than looking at WHY penny you ff ground. The problem to the solution, we will rely on your resources here and now in order to quickly and sustainably mobilize towards your goal. /> I also give training in hypnosis and meditation. So I'm always confident in its tools to fully bring potentially profound change by different solutions that use your resources. /> Finally, I organize intervision and supervision for different practitioners (psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, ...) to help them in their daily practices with their patients. /> I consult the outer and also the firm "Hypnosis and Meditation" where I offer quality support. My practice of hypnosis is deeply rooted in the knowledge of Humanities and part of my therapeutic approach is defined by the Code of Ethics of the "International Association of hypnologists. /> Francophones page 1-cdd / /> My various diplomas and certificates. personnel manager, social worker, shiatsu, reflexology, hypnosis aND TRAINER CERTIFIED /> with over 15 years experience in various meditation practices (Zazen Soto, GI Gurdjieff Institute, ...).
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Specialties - Corinne Hanon

  • Praticienne en hypnose, en méditation et coach intuitive
  • Formatrice certifié en hypnose par l'Association Internationale des Hypnologues Francophones
  • Méditation en mouvement -


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Hypnothérapie énergétique

Hypnothérapie symptomatique

Hypnothérapie thérapie brève

Méditation pleine conscience


  • Rue Joseph Bens 72, Uccle



  • Praticienne en hypnose, méditation :
  • 1. Soins individuels en cabinet privé grâce à l'hypnose et l'auto-hypnose.
  • 2. Formation de groupe : d'hypnose et de méditation dynamique pour revenir à Soi.
  • Accompagnement de première ligne de personnes fragilisées et d'associations.
  • Ressources humaines (recrutement, formations,...)


  • Praticienne en hypnose, méditation :
  • 1. Symptomatique pour différentes addictions ( alcool, tabac, perte de poids, etc...)
  • 2. Pratique d'hypnose et apprentissage de l'auto-hypnose pour des accompagnements et des aides diverses
  • 3. Mouvements binoculaires des yeux
  • 4. Énergétique ( Shiatsu, Médecine traditionnelle chinoise, Amna-Tuina, Réflexologie, etc...)
  • 5. Méditations (diverses apprentissages dans des voies sources)

Organisations member

  • Association Internationale des Hypnologues Francophones de Belgique A.I.H.F.

Participation in conferences


Spoken languages

  • French

Academic Research and Publications

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Members can view prices and access our features

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