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Sylvie Symens is endermologue following a BA in CCF. It also has a certified Enneagram and MBTI. It is formed by endermologie and cryotherapy. Endermologie is to revive the dormant cellular activity at the heart of our skin against all unsightly manifestations (wrinkles, sagging skin, stubborn fatty, orange peel ...). The mechanical stimulation of cells, called endermologie and helps boost their awakening process naturally and painlessly. Cryo Body: Videos • Freeze-lipolysis with cryo-stimulation, France • Reduced fat and loss of size clothes with electro-stimulation, France • No invasive treatment without edema, without hyperthermia without affecting other tissues Cryo face. pulsed Freeze, stimulates the skin by combining an oscillating current, increasing its permeability, activates the connective tissue and facilitates toning and elimination of toxins. Winback At the level of the body, the winback releases tension activates the vascular system to prepare the clearance and evacuating waste and fat deposits. It will therefore act on the aqueous cellulite and fat on the thinning and the silhouette, saddlebags, the appearance of the skin (stretch marks, sagging skin ...). the facial level, can work on anti-aging (stimulate collagen and activate the blood supply to a plumping effect): Videos • muscular type of Aging, France • Aging type of wheelbase, France • Aging fluid retention type, • skeletization type of Aging.
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Specialties - Sylvie Symens

  • Endermologie
  • Cryothérapie


Endermology body and face, drainage and treatment of scars


  • Avenue Maurice Maeterlinck 4, Wavre

CV - Sylvie Symens


  • Bac en CCF
  • Certification en ennéagramme
  • Certification en MBTI


  • Expérience en tant qu'aide-Soignante
  • Expérience en tant que coach de vie

Spoken languages

  • Français
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