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Since the establishment of our private practice in 2019, we have been offering high-quality diagnosis and treatment in cardiology, and we have more than 500 patients who trust us to diagnose and monitor their cardiovascular problems.

In our private practice, where the patient is the focal point, we offer patients complete non-invasive diagnostics within cardiology. Namely, we do electrocardiogram (ECG), Transthoracic echocardiography, stress test on a bicycle, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, Holter ECG and Doppler carotid. We thoroughly discuss the need for further examinations and treatments with our patients and refer them to different hospitals, if necessary, depending on the patient's preference. Finally, I advise the treatments to the best of my knowledge, based on years of work experience in the university hospital.

Specialties - Agnieszka Ciarka

  • Heart failure
  • Ischemic heart disease


General Cardiology

Additional expertises

Heart failure, heart transplantation, non-invasive imaging


Costs are indicative. There may be changes during the appointment, depending on the incident.

Patient Reviews

Verified reviews from real patients

Cleanliness of the practice
Clear information on the pathology
Clear information on the side effects


  • Ciarka-Pro-Cardio SITE Tremelo/Baal, Rozenlaan 6, Baal
  • Ciarka-Pro-Cardio SITE Brussel, Josse Goffinlaan 164, Brussels
  • Medicus Zaventem, Stationstraat 20, Zaventem



  • 2001: Diploma in Medicine, Warsaw Medical University
  • 2008: PhD
  • 2010: Diploma specialist in cardiology (Université Libré Bruxelles)


  • Experience gained at UZ Leuven, Hôpital Erasme, AZVUB, Medical Centre General Practitioners
  • Private practice: Ciarka-Pro-Cardio in Brussels and Tremelo

Organisations member

  • European Society of Caridology, Belgian Society of Cardiology, Heart Failure Association, International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation, European Association of Non Invasive Imaging, European Heart Rythm Association

Participation in conferences

  • I often follow conferences in the field of heart failure, imaging and heart transplantation.

Spoken languages

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • French
  • Italiano
  • Dutch
  • Polski

Academic Research and Publications

  • I have written more than 40 indexed articles, which can be found on the PubMed. My research interests are mainly heart failure, heart transplantation and non-invasive imaging. My articles have been quoted more than 1000 times in the professional press, so I was able to obtain the hirsch index of 17.
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Members can view prices and access our features

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